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Resources Governors

Resources Committee members

Zara d'Archambaud, Headteacher
Eddy McDowall, Foundation Governor and Chair of the Resources Committee (Chair of Governors)
Caroline Oretagu, Parent Governor
Catherine Turner, Associate Governor & School Business Manager

The Terms of Reference below outline the responsibilities of the Resources Committee

In consultation with the Headteacher, to: 
  • draft the first formal budget plan of the financial year. 
  • establish and maintain an up to date 3 year financial plan. 
  • consider a budget position statement at least termly and to report significant anomalies from the anticipated position to the Governing Body. 
  • ensure that the school operates within the Financial Regulations of the County Council. 
  • monitor expenditure of all voluntary funds kept on behalf of the Governing Body. 
  • annually review charges and remissions policies and expenses policies. 
  • make decisions in respect of service agreements. 
  • make decisions on expenditure following recommendations from other committees. 
  • prepare financial statements for inclusion in the governing body report to parents. 
  • ensure, as far as it is practical, that Health and Safety issues as prioritised by Premises are appropriately funded. 
  • determine whether sufficient funds are available for pay increments as recommended by the Headteacher. 
  • bring budget in at 4% carry forward. 
In the light of the Headteacher Performance Management Group’s recommendations, to determine whether sufficient funds are available for increments. 

  • draft and keep under review the staffing structure in consultation with the Headteacher. 
  • establish a Salary Policy for all categories of staff and to be responsible for its administration and review. 
  • oversee the appointment procedure for all staff. 
  • establish and review a Performance Management policy for all staff*. 
  • oversee the process leading to staff reductions. 
  • keep under review staff work/life balance, working conditions and well-being, including the monitoring of absence. 
  • make recommendations on personnel related expenditure. 
  • consider any appeal against a decision on pay grading or pay awards. 
  • agree job descriptions as appropriate.