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Foundation Governors

Foundation Committee members

Zara d'Archambaud, Headteacher
Eddy McDowall, Foundation Governor and Chair of the Resources Committee (Chair of Governors)
Reverend Emma Pennington, Foundation Governor and Chair of Foundation Governors
Foundation Governor vacancy

The Terms of Reference below outline the main responsibilities of Foundation Governors.

Foundation Governors in Church schools are those appointed by the Church authorities. For Garsington Primary School, two Foundation Governors are recommended by the incumbent of the parish (the current Vicar) for agreement by the Diocese of Oxford. Terms of office are 4 school years.

The Vicar is also a member of the school governing body – an ex officio governor.
The Foundation Governors’ sub-committee is made up these three Foundation Governors alongside the Heateacher.
Foundation Governors have an especial care for the school's Christian character. Foundation Governors will uphold the Christian character of the school as a Church of England school.

Through a scrutiny role, Foundation governors will work alongside and through the other Governors sub-committees:
  • Curriculum 
  • Parents and Community 
  • Premises 
  • Resources 
Each of these four committees will have at least one Foundation Governor as a core member.

Foundation Governors will use the SIAS toolkit to ensure:
  • the mission statement of the school has the Anglican emphasis clearly stated 
  • they are aware of the legal requirements for RE in a church school, and of the advice from the Board of Education on the development of the RE curriculum, the RE syllabus adopted, including the faiths to be studied, and the standards achieved in the subject in school 
  • resources made available for RE and collective worship are at least equivalent to the level provided for foundation subjects 
  • at least 5% of curriculum time is assigned to RE 
  • a link governor, preferably a foundation governor, is appointed to liaise with the subject leader and keep the full governing body informed and aware of subject needs in RE 
  • RE regularly forms part of the school’s improvement plan and self-evaluation procedures 
  • collective worship is planned with due regard to the Anglican dimension and the Christian year, whilst also reflecting the different faiths in the school 
  • when appointing new staff that these appointments are in accord with the mission of the school 
  • they support the Headteacher and senior leaders in their roles as spiritual leaders 
  • Foundation Governors take a full role in committees and the governing body 
Foundation Governors should also monitor:
  • the contribution of RE and collective worship to the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of pupils 
  • the quality of self evaluation and the evidence used to support judgements on the four key questions of a SIAS inspection (using the toolkit as appropriate) 
  • the way in which the Christian character of the school is reflected in the Ofsted, self-evaluation, evidence base and judgements 
  • the quality of links with the local parish 
  • the progress of students/ pupils in RE and the standards reached 
  • the impact of collective worship on the spiritual development of staff and pupils 
  • the quality of experiences provided by the school such as visits and visitors on the pupils‟ spiritual development 
  • the way in which the school environment reflects the Christian and Anglican character of the school 
Foundation Governors will meet as a separate committee 3 times per school year.
The first Foundation Governors meeting of the school year will provide the other four sub-committees with direction and guidance relating to the above matters.
The last Foundation Governors meeting of the school year will be a review of progress.