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Science Week 2016

During February this year we held a fascinating range of science activities for our Science Week 2016! See the programme below. We are already looking forward to Science Week 2017 6-10th March. 

Tuesday 23 February: Science Magic!

After a kick off assembly explaining what exciting challenges the children will be facing this week, we welcome a special guest - Dr Matt Pritchard, a magician, comedian and scientific communicator! 

Dr Pritchard will be delivering three special science shows: two shows for pupils during the school day and one evening performance for pupils and parents - all welcome!

Surprising Science! 
10.30am Foundation Stage and Year 1 & 2
1.30pm Year 3 - Year 6

Can you discover the sneaky scientific secrets behind the surprising illusions? The show will challenge the audience to think creatively like both a scientist and a magician. The interactive show encourages enquiry and critical thinking, using magic tricks to inspire students' imaginative engagement with scientific ideas.  

Superhero Science! 
6.30pm Family show, School Hall (tickets required - see book bag form)

Are superpowers fact, fiction or feasible in the future? Explore invisibility, super-strength, body armour, levitation, mind control and find out what they do (or don’t) have to do with real science. And for those superpowers which are scientifically impossible? That’s where the magic comes in! The show has a strong emphasis on smart materials and technology inspired by biology (e.g. spider webs and camouflage.)

Wednesday 24 February: Crime Crackers

Under the guidance of Dr Bearchell, pupils across all age groups will be honing their forensic skills to help solve a school-wide crime! 

Foundation Stage and Year 1 will be exploring fingerprints. 

Year 2 will be investigating bite marks.

Year 3 will be using the microscopes to get up close to fibres.

Year 4 will be looking for clues using chromatography.

Year 5 will hopefully not be getting too messy while using Plaster of Paris to analyse footprints.

Year 6 will be getting down to a microscopic level and extracting DNA to help them solve the crime.

Together, can they solve the mystery and apprehend the criminal?

Thursday 25 February: K'nex Challenge

Who can build the longest bridge using the K'nex kits kindly loaned to us from Science Oxford? In teams of 5 pupils will be given the chance to have a go at constructing a super bridge. There will be a winning team from each class and each team member will get a prize. Photographs of the winning constructions will be shown in our Friday Wrap Up Assembly.