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Science Week 2015

WEEK 2015

Sarah's Adventures in Science Show

Whole School Assembly: Cells and Organelles in 3D
Dr Louise Hughes who runs the BioImaging Unit in the Department of Biological and Medical Sciences at Oxford Brookes University will be kicking off our Science week. Dr Hughes is an expert in scanning and transmission electron microscopy, specialising in electron tomography (this means she is an expert using the latest technology to look at cells!) 

Solids, Liquids and Gas! 
Dr Sarah Bearchell will be demonstrating all things solid, liquid and gaseous! There will be lots of fun activities for all year groups and some dry ice!

Whole School Challenge 
Last year it was marshmallow towers, this year our whole school challenge will involve plasticine, plastic bottles and jelly babies, lots of skewers and the science of balancing and more clues, you'll have to wait and see!

Science Busking with Year 6 
During Term 3 the Year 6s have been getting to grips with all things scientific in Science Club, led by Dr Bearchell. Now they will be bringing their scientific discoveries to life for the rest of the school to try out and enjoy. Busking from class to class, all year groups will be joining in the activities. 

Scientists in our midst

In this assembly parents and friends of the school who work in or use science or maths in their professions will be be sharing their experiences and knowledge with the children. In return children can ask questions and find out what science means in the real world. 

2014's Science Week was a huge success, we hope this year's events are even more exciting!