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Rocket Science

The RHS Campaign for School Gardening has partnered with the UK Space Agency to embark on an ‘out of this world’ educational project and our Year 6 pupils are part of the mission!

The project, Rocket Science, will give our children the chance 
to learn how science in space contributes to our knowledge of life on earth, using the invaluable expertise of the European Space Agency (ESA) and RHS Science team.

Two kilograms of rocket seeds were sent to the International Space Station as part of British ESA astronaut Tim Peake’s six-month Principia mission.

After several months on board, the seeds were sent back and landed in the Pacific Ocean this spring. After they returned to the UK, they were packaged up with identical seeds that stayed on earth. 

At the start of this term 2 packets of 100 seeds arrived (one from space) and Year 6s have already planted them out to grow and com
pare them! 

Read a pupil's report so far...

Read a pupil's report so far:

Under the guidance of our very own botanist, Dr Bearchell, the children will be finding out what growing plants in space can teach us about life on Earth and whether we can sustain human life in space through the production of our own food. 

After much measuring, observing and thinking scientifically about the finding Year 6 will input their results into a national online database so that results can be compared across all the participating schools in the UK.