The school has responsibility for the safety and welfare of pupils and regularly reviews arrangements to ensure that the medical needs of the pupils are met at school.

There may be times when children attending school need to take medication. Any such medicines needed by a child during the school day should be brought to school in the smallest practicable amount by the parent/carer, not the pupil, and delivered personally to the class teacher or School Administrative Officer. These medicines must be in the original bottle/packaging in which prescribed clearly labelled with thpupil’s name, contents, dosage and date.

Parents must provide written permission for medicines to be administered. Medicines in school or kept in a locked cupboard or in a refrigerator, away from the pupils.

Similarly, asthma inhalers should be given to the child’s class teacher, together with written permission for administering. If parents would like to leave a spare inhaler in school with the class teacher, this is acceptable provided the inhaler is clearly labelled with the child’s name. Parents are asked to ensure children who may need immediate access to their inhaler bring them into school daily. Inhalers should be taken to sporting events and used prior to or during exercise if an episode of asthma occurs.

Parents are encouraged to provide the school with full information about their child’s medical needs so that staff can exercise appropriate levels of care.

Prescribed Medicines Permissions Form.doc

Non Prescribed Medicines Permission Form.doc