What makes our school different?

We spend time getting to know individual needs and abilities including our gifted and talented. Our curriculum is tailored around the pupils’ interests so as far as possible the pupils help to choose the way they learn. We believe this is the key to inspiring and motivating our learners. 

We teach our pupils to be independent learners. We encourage our pupils to be fully involved in their learning and their successes and teach them the skills to problem solve, continually strive to achieve and have growth mindsets

We want our pupils to be responsible. Pupils are given special responsibilities across the school including Prefects in Year 6, making school decisions in the Learning Detectives group and School Councils and being House captains. 

Our staff love teaching and are committed to continually developing their own skills through training and visiting other classes and schools. We also encourage regular feedback on how we are doing through our bi-annual questionnaires and termly ‘Have Your Say’/Breakfast morning meetings for parents. 

We value the importance of outdoor learning.

The school recognises it has to make special efforts to ensure that all groups prosper including: 

o Boys and girls, men and women
o All minority ethnic groups including travellers, refugees and asylum seekers
o Pupils or families with different religions or beliefs
o Pupils and others with special educational needs
o Pupils and others with a range of disabilities
o Children looked after and their carers
o Children or staff who are gay or lesbian
o Pupils or staff who are pregnant or have just given birth 
Pupils or staff undergoing gender reassignment