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2012-13 Year 6 Term 6

In Term 6 Year 6 will be saying "Goodbye Garsington".
Understanding English, Communication


Revision of different writing genres to complete
our writing portfolios.

Reviewing our years at Garsington for the
Leavers’ Service
on 16th July.


Themes are parts of the body, sports and clothes.  We will also be reviewing themes covered throughout Key Stage 2.


Collaborative work producing a short animated film (technology permitting!) Children will also be working on a leavers’ film, sharing their reminiscences.

Religious Education

We will continue to look at stories from the Bible which reflect the spread of Christianity during the life of Jesus.


Mathematical Understanding

We have already covered the Key Stage 2 maths curriculum prior to SATs. We will therefore be revising any areas which need consolidation and will focus on using mathematical understanding for open-ended investigations.

Please make  as much use as you can of Maths Whizz during the final few weeks that you have access to it...


Year 5/6 Play

As you are no doubt aware, rehearsals for ‘The Rocky Monster Show’, this year’s play, are just beginning. Please  help  your child with learning lines and cues. We would like everyone to be working without scripts as soon as possible so that we are able to concentrate on acting.

Some parents have already kindly come forward with offers to help with props and costumes; if anyone else is able to help, please let me know.

Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well-Being

PE will be on Thursdays at the Rec. Please make sure you have a PE kit, including suitable footwear, on that day. We will be participating in a variety of athletics events, both track and field. 

Performances will be timed and measured and improvement recorded.


Transition - moving on to secondary school. 


Scientific and Technological Understanding

Changing Sounds

Understanding that sounds are made when objects or materials vibrate and how these vibrations travel to the ear.

Learning which materials conduct sound best.

Investigating how to alter the pitch of a sound.


Understanding the Arts


We will continue to listen and learn a variety of songs from different cultures with a particular emphasis on the theme of summer, with instruments to accompany the singing.

Art and DT

We will be preparing for our art exhibition: looking at British wildlife and the environment around us.