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2012-13 Year 6 Term 5

In Term 5 Year 6 will be studying the Circle of Life.

Understanding English, Communication and Languages

Literacy—poetry, descriptive writing, information texts (linked to topic work).

We will continue to spend time looking at past SATs papers, especially reading.

French — further work on money/Euros; popular sports; revision of previous work, with particular emphasis on revision of parts of the body.

Religious Education

The spread of Christianity through events and stories in the Bible with particular emphasis on Pentecost and the conversion of Saul.


Mathematical Understanding

Based on feedback from the children on what they would like to revise, we will be going over the following topics again:  

• fractions
• decimals and percentages (including multiplying decimals)
 improper fractions and mixed numbers

 reflecting, rotating and translating shapes
• finding the mean, mode and median
working out the co-ordinates of a shape if the axes are not numbered.  

We will continue to spend time looking at past SATs papers.


Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well-Being

PE Athletics and games at the sports field on Thursday afternoons, weather permitting. 

Please make you have the appropriate PE kit on these days. Girls in particular, please make sure you have trainers if your outdoor shoes are not suitable.

PSHE Our work and discussions will revolve around the themes of friendship and trust.  We will also do some follow-up work on Internet safety and cyber-bullying.


Scientific and Technological Understanding - Life cycles

Understanding the life processes common to animals and plants and linking these to the environments in which they are found.

Mapping out the life cycles of a variety of animals and plants.

Fieldwork—classifying living things in their natural habitat.

Understanding the Arts

Art and DT

Looking ahead to our school art exhibition, based around the theme of British wildlife and nature, we will be focusing on printing and sketching this term before broadening the range of techniques next term.

 May Day

Our school May Day celebrations this year will be held on Friday, 24th May. As is traditional, Year 6 will be learning Maypole dancing. Please let me know as early as possible if you know that your child will be away that day. Whilst it is feasible to re-arrange partners for the other dances if someone is absent, it’s impossible to use the Maypole unless everyone is there!