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2012-13 Year 6 Term 4

In Term 4 Year 6 will continue to study Seen But Not Heard (life for children in Victorian times) 

Websites to explore with your child:

Other Events

We have a couple of trips coming up this term:

Oxford Castle on 11th March

     and Junior Citizens on 22nd March.

Please look out for letters with further details.             

Mathematical Understanding—Unit 2

Block D—calculating, measuring and understanding shape

Block E—securing number facts, relationships and calculating


In both units, we will concentrate first on practising the skills, secondly on applying them to problem solving and then move onto investigative work. There will be increased emphasis on solving word problems. We will continue to spend time looking at past SATs papers.

Understanding English, Communication and Languages

Literacy—balanced argument, descriptions, reading and interpreting poetry

We will continue to spend time looking at past SATs papers, especially reading

French—asking for drinks and snacks, using Euros, dates and names of festivals, parts of the body, sports


ICT—  web-based research; simple spreadsheets, creating and interrogating databases. We also plan to do more work on animations, once our technical problems have been ironed out.

Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding

Victorians—continuing our work from Term 3; more research into the everyday life of Victorian children, rich and poor. We will look at case studies of Victorian child prisoners from the Oxfordshire archives. There will be a further Balloon Debate on child labour.


Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well-Being

PE— team games: netball, volleyball and football, with a focus on how a team works effectively together; PE is on Thursdays and Fridays this termPlease make sure you have your PE kit, including suitable outdoor shoes, on these days.


Good to be me accepting yourself for who and what you are; standing up for what you think and realising that the majority view is not always right; recognising when you are feeling worried and knowing what you can do about it.

Religious Education

Themes and issues around Easter:

Palm Sundayqualities of Kingship

Last Suppersharing and betrayal

Garden of  Gethsemanestruggle and choices

Crucifixion—forgiveness and suffering; 

Resurrection—new life.


Scientific and Technological Understanding

More about dissolving

Separating different mixtures

Making and justifying predictions

Designing own experiments and carrying out a fair test

Presenting results in computer–generated and hand-drawn graphs; using these to make predictions and generalisations.

Understanding the Arts


Exploring cyclic patterns, rhythm and pulse, using music from different cultures.

Art and DT

Using print techniques to emulate engravings.