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2012-13 Year 6 Term 3

Term 3 Year 6 will be studying Seen But Not Heard (life for children in Victorian times)

Websites to explore with your child:

Suggestions for visits:

If you fancy a family day out, try the Black Country Museum in Dudley. It covers a broader period of history than just Victoria’s reign, but has shops, trams, a mine and many houses reconstructed from the period. Also consider Cogges Manor Farm Museum (re-opens March) and Kelmscott Manor (home of William Morris).


Understanding English, Communicatio
n and Languages

Literacy — time-slip stories, persuasive writing, impersonal/formal writing.

We will also spend time looking at past SATs papers

French — revision: times and school subjects; new: sport and articles of clothing

ICT —  web-based research; using search and sort functions on spreadsheets;

Simple animations


Religious Education

Milestones in a Christian’s life: baptism/dedication, confirmation, weddings, life after death 

Mathematical Understanding—Unit 2

Block A—counting, partitioning and calculating

Block B—securing number facts, understanding shape

Block C—handling data and measures.

In all units, we will concentrate first on practising the skills, secondly on applying them to problem solving and then move onto investigative work.  We will also begin to spend more time looking at past SATs papers.

Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding


• placing major events from Victoria’s reign on a timeline

• examining artefacts and comparing them with their modern day equivalent

• the everyday life of Victorian children, rich and poor. 

We will hold a Balloon Debate to decide which was the worst job a Victorian child might have.

Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well-Being

PE— team games: netball, volleyball and football; devising own net/wall games.  

Please note that PE is on Thursdays this term, with swimming on Wednesdays.  Please make sure you have your PE kit, including suitable outdoor shoes as appropriate.



Scientific and Technological Understanding

Reversible and irreversible changes:

Mixing materials with water

Filtering and evaporation

Making new materials

Heating and cooling materials


Hazards of burning

Understanding the Arts

Music—exploring lyrics and melody—exploring rhythm and pulse, listening to music, learning new songs and composing.

Art and DT —looking at the designs of William Morris; using print techniques to emulate his engravings.



Going for Goals. 

Children identify their aspirations and dreams and establish the steps to success they will need to follow, as well as how they will overcome obstacles.