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Year 6 Term 1

In Term 1 Year 6 will be studying Blitz Kids (children in World War II)

Websites to explore with your child:

BBC website: both the ‘schools’ and the general section. 
Anne Frank Foundation (includes a virtual tour of the Secret Annexe)
If you are planning a family day out, how about the Imperial War Museum or Bletchley Park?


Understanding English, Communication and Languages

Literacy—biographies and autobiographies, fiction and stories with flashbacks. 

French—we will begin by reviewing previously learned work through question and answer sessions in order to enhance conversational skills.  We will then move on to the new themes of numbers to 40, festivals, accents, plurals, telling the time and the human body.

ICT— web-based research, desktop publishing and simple databases.


Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding

The Home Front during World War 2; ‘Make Do and Mend’ life for evacuees; rationing; air raids; examining  artefacts; life for Jewish children - the story of Anne Frank; life for German children under the Nazis.

We are also planning an ‘evacuee experience’ trip.  Please look out for the letter in a few weeks’ time and be prepared for some dressing up!


Mathematical Understanding—Unit 1

Block A—counting, partitioning and calculating.

Block B—securing number facts, understanding shape.

Block C—handling data and measures.

In all units we will concentrate first on practising the skills, secondly on applying them to problem solving, then onto investigative work.

 Religious Education and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Preparing for Harvest Festival—looking at harvest through the ages.

Key rites of passage in Christianity, Judaism and Islam (e.g. birth and marriage ceremonies); thinking about how and why we mark significant times in people’s lives.

Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well-Being

PE—We will be visiting Garsington Rec. with the Year 5 children and will focus on invasion games, including football, basketball and hockey. This will involve a mix of learning specific skills and playing games in small groups to enhance the idea of working as a team.

PSHE— New Beginnings.  We will be discussing what would make a  School of Dreams and what we would like our class to be like, relating them to the Garsington Golden Goals. We will also work on keeping safe and there will be a visit to the
JR Hospital as part of the Injury Minimisation Programme.


Scientific and Technological Understanding

Balanced and unbalanced forces

We will be learning about the different forces that act on objects and how these can be measured. We will also find out what happens when forces are balanced or unbalanced and consider what would happen if we didn’t have friction.

Understanding the Arts

Music—the children will experience a mixture of listening, singing and composing, all under the theme of ‘Exploring Rounds’. As well as from the UK, songs and rhymes from such diverse places as France, Africa and Jamaica and will be used to support the topic.

Art and DT — sketching portraits with pencils and charcoals; building and furnishing a model of an Anderson shelter.