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Term 2 Topic Web

In Term 2 Year 6 will be exploring Marvellous Maps

Written and Internet homework will be handed out every Friday and is due in the following Tuesday. Spellings and number fact revision need to be ready for testing on Thursday and Wednesday respectively. We will let you know if there are any exceptions.

13th November: Yenworthy Parents’ meeting.

20th November—Yenworthy week. 1st December— Y6 assembly.

Our text types for the term are poetry and biographies for non-fiction work. 

For poetry, we will be reading narrative poems and shorter verses which focus on extended metaphors and similes. 

In our non-fiction work, we will be writing biographies, focusing on cohesive devices to link sentences and paragraphs. There will also be some work on information texts, linked to our topic work. 

Our main grammar focus will be the punctuation of bullet points and the use of layout devices to structure texts. 

There will be some revision of previous work through games and practical activities. 


The focus for this term is invasion games . We will continue to go down to the ‘Rec’ every Thursday afternoon so it is imperative your child has trainers and a tracksuit this term as it can get very cold! 


Number and calculation: using mental strategies to divide by 2, 4, 8, 5, 20 and 25; short division, including remainders; calculating the difference between positive and negative numbers; adding and subtracting negative numbers. 

Fractions: understanding improper fractions and mixed numbers; comparing fractions with related denominators; adding fractions with the same denominator and writing the answer as a mixed number. 

Calculating the area, perimeter and volume of shapes; using simple formulae to work out the area of triangles and parallelograms. 

For problem solving, we are investigating the Singapore ‘bar’ method, which allows children to visualise complex-sounding problems in a simple way. 

Science and Computing

We will be exploring how the brightness of a bulb or the volume of a buzzer is dependent on the number and voltage of cells used in the circuit. We will see what happens when one component is changed.

We will also learn how to draw circuit diagrams with the recognised symbols and identify whether or not a circuit is complete.

We will be doing some work with pupils from Wheatley Park on e-safety.

History & Geography

We will round off our World War 2 topic with Remembrance Day and then move on to geography based work—Marvellous Maps. After a brief look at historical maps, we will learn about mapping symbols, using 6-figure grid references and drawing and measuring scales. Conditions permitting, we will top this off by learning how to ‘set’ a map during our residential trip to Yenworthy Lodge at the end of November. 

R.E., Social and Emotional Development

We will look at the key beliefs of the Pillars of Islam and towards Christmas will consider the importance of Mary as Jesus’ mother. 

In PSHE, our theme is ‘Getting on and Falling Out’. We will be examining our feelings in different scenarios and looking at methods of conflict resolution. 

Our value of the term is ‘Enthusiasm

Art, DT & Music

Linking in with out science work, children will design and make electrical switches from everyday items. If there is time, we will also make a model incorporating an alarm.