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Year 6

In Term 6 (Summer Term 2) Year 6 will be saying Goodbye Garsington!

Miss Harris is the Year 6 teacher (and Deputy Head) and Mr Guy is the Teaching Assistant. Teacher Ms Wells covers Year 6 on Wednesday pm and Thursday am while Miss Harris has her Leadership and PPA time. 


We still have a few weeks to work on our writing before the final assessments are due in. As most pupils are transferring to Wheatley Park next year, a big focus will be the transition project which has been developed by Wheatley for all the feeder primaries. It is based on an extended story, designed to give pupils the opportunity to show off different language skills. For those transferring elsewhere, the project will still provide a useful portfolio of work.

Our main focus as a class, based on analysis of writing, will be extending the range of punctuation used to include colons, semi-colons, hyphens and dashes.

 A Parents' Guide to Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar  

 Value of the Term

Our value of the term is Teamwork


Key question: does belief in Akhirah (life after death) help Muslims to lead good lives?  The focus will be on beliefs and moral values.

(This topic will continue into the second half term.)



We have already covered the Key Stage 2 maths curriculum prior to SATs. We will therefore be revising any areas which need consolidation and which the children have said they would like to revisit. These include ratio and proportion, creating and interpreting pie charts and using algebra.


Year 5 & Year 6 Play

As you are no doubt aware, rehearsals for ‘Our City has a Monster’, this year’s play, have begun. Please help your child with learning lines and cues—not forgetting the songs! We are expecting everyone to be working without completely without scripts next week so that we will be able to concentrate on developing speech and acting techniques. Guidance and suggestions for costumes will follow shortly.




P.E. will continue to be on Wednesday afternoons. We will be back at the Rec, so please make sure you have a PE kit, including suitable footwear, on that day.  We will also be swimming on Fridays.  Don’t forget your swimming costume, towel and a swimming hat.

Science and Technology

Evolution and Inheritance (continued) 

Key learning points: 

· That living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things millions of years ago. 

· That living things produce offspring of the same kind but that these vary and are not identical to their parents. 

· Understanding that adapting to an environment may lead to evolution. 

Music, Art and DT


This will be covered through our singing for the play.


Work has already begun on our dioramas for art week. We will be turning the prototypes into larger-scale versions to be completed for Art Week.


In music, we will be assessing a new scheme which involves evaluating and accompanying contemporary music on tuned instruments.