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Year 6

In Term 4 Year 6 will contine to explore Biomes.

Miss Harris is the Year 6 teacher (and Deputy Head) and Mr Guy is the Teaching Assistant. Teacher Ms Wells covers Year 6 on Wednesday pm and Thursday am while Miss Harris has he
Leadership and PPA time. 

Written and Internet homework will be handed out every Friday and is due in the following Tuesday. Any extra practice on the quick recall of the multiplication tables would also be hugely beneficial and is just as important as completing written homework.


We will be revising various fiction and non-fiction genres, but the main focus this term as we build up to SATs will be on developing comprehension skills. Don’t forget to make use of the SATs Buster books we gave out at the parents’ meeting in January if you want extra practice. 

There is still a lot of grammatical terminology to cover. This term we will focus on different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns etc. There will be some lesson time for revision, but if you are still unsure when you do your homework, you will need to look up the terms on-line. 

We have a lot of grammatical terminology still to cover. This term we will focus on verbs in different forms of the present and past tense. 

 Value of the Term

Our value of the term is Kindness


The key question we will be exploring in RE is: ‘Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on Earth?’ 

We will look at the influence of Christianity on our lives today. We will also examine some of the work done by Christian charities. 


Number and calculation: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers using formal methods, with answers up to 10 million or down to 3 decimal places. 

Fractions and decimals: relating fractions to decimals; adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions, including mixed numbers. 

2D shapes and angles; reading line graphs and pie charts; reading co-ordinates and translating and reflecting shapes. 

We will also be looking at past SATs papers, either individually or with a partner, and identifying any revision needs. 


This term we will be doing hockey, gymnastics and fitness training, with a view to improving stamina. Please make sure you have appropriate outdoor and indoor PE kit, bearing in mind we have very mixed weather this time of year. Kit should include trainers (not boots of any kind) as they have a good grip and allow children to move freely and safely. Please check your child’s plimsolls for indoor PE are still fit for purpose.

Music, Art and DT


Exploring lyrics and melody; exploring rhythm and pulse; listening to music; learning new songs and composing.


There will also be a DT project linked to our science topic.

Science and Technology

Living Things and Their Habitats 

We will be looking at the classification system and examining how the broad groupings can be
sub-divided. They will use keys to identify animals and plants. We will think about the physical characteristics of animals and these have helped them adapt to their habitat. 

History and Geography

Continuing on from last half term, our topic is Biomes, which will also link in with our science work.  We will be looking at different climate zones around the world.