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Term 2 Topic Web

In Term 2 Year 5 will be investigating Marvellous Maps!


Homework will be handed out every Friday and should be handed in by the following Tuesday. It is really important that children hand in their homework each week. Each week there will be spellings and times tables to learn.

Mathematical Understanding 



Multiples and factors
Addition, and subtraction 
Multiplication and division 
Rounding numbers and placing numbers on a number line 

Shape and Space and Measures

Measuring angles 

*TIMES TABLES with Rock star Times tables* 

Understanding the Arts 

Art and D.T. 

Making craft for Christmas Fair. 
 Sketching Oxford landmarks. 

Creating an aerial view map. 


Understanding musical notation 

Understanding English, Communication and Languages English 

This term we will focus on journalistic writing (newspaper reports), instructions and poetry.

Grammar: from the grammar appendix including relative clauses and modal verbs.


Continuing with work as French spy. Then names of countries, cities in France and their location, compass directions. 

Historical, Geographical and 
Social Understanding

The children will continue to study World War 2 (rationing, the work of the Red Cross etc)

The children will then study mapping, focussing on compass points and grid references. 


In RE we will be studying Christianity
and the Christmas story.

Scientific and Technological 

Science - Forces 

The children will learn about forces such as air resistance, gravity and friction. 


Creating a film, understanding networks, programming using Scratch. 

Understanding Physical 
Development, Health and Well Being

Our value is enthusiasm and we will focus on being positive. 

 We will think about the difference between feeling proud and boasting. We will discuss ways to disagree without falling out and to stand up for what we think. 

We will also have a focus on bullying and how to be assertive and stand up to it. (Anti bullying week w/c 13/11/17)


Orienteering, football, circuits 

PE will take place on Thursdays, at the Rec when weather allows it.