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Year 5

In Term 5 (Summer Term 1) Year 5 will be exploring the Ancient Greeks.

Homework will be handed out every Friday and should be handed in by the following Wednesday.  Spelling tests are on Tuesdays.  Times tables are tested daily.  
Mathematical Understanding


Solving multi-step word


Multiplying fractions

Negative numbers


Shape and Space and Measure






*TIMES TABLES with Rock star Times tables*


This term we do PE on Wednesdays and swim on Fridays.  We will focus on athletics, rounders and May Day dancing.  We may need to practise the May Day dancing on other days. 



Fiction - myths

We will study myths including the story of Prometheus and Pandora. We will examine the splendour of the gods and the struggles of mortals. We will analyse the importance of different characters to the development of the story and the role of narrator as storyteller.   There will be a big focus on learning vocabulary.

Non-fiction—instructional writing

The children will develop their understanding of the features of instructional writing. They will analyse, evaluate and write instructions.



Aesop’s fable: 
Le vent et le soleil (The Sun and the Wind)


Understanding the Arts

Art and D.T.

Study the art and architecture  of  Ancient Greece.

Design and make Greek pots



History & Geography

Greek timelines

The Greek Gods

Greek mythical creatures

The Greek’s influence on the Western World


 Science & ICT


Our topic this term is Animals Including Humans

We will learn how to describe the changes as humans develop from birth to old age.

We will plan different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions, including recognising and controlling variables where necessary.


Collecting, evaluating and presenting data

Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well Being

Value of the Term

Our value for the term is Independence

In class we will look at how to solve problems independently in the classroom and on the playground. We will also look at coping with change. 


Our focus for this term is Hinduism. 
Our key question will be: Do beliefs in karma, samsara and moksha help Hindus lead good lives?