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Year 5

In Term 6 (Summer Term 2) Year 5 will continue to explore the Ancient Greeks.

Homework will be handed out every Friday and should be handed in by the following Wednesday.  Spelling tests are on Tuesdays.  Times tables are tested daily.  
Mathematical Understanding

This term we will  focus on:




Short division


Shape and Space and Measures

Area and Perimeter

Line graphs

Time including timetables

Scaling problems

Times tables

Rock start times tables


This term we do PE on Wednesdays.  We may do some Sports Day practice on other days so it is helpful if children have PE kit in school all week. 

We will try to squeeze in one extra swimming lesson and will let you know the date soon. 



Fiction - myths

We will study a modern retelling of a Greek myth (Midas). 

We will look at  Greek constellation myths.  

We will also  study play scripts.

 Grammar & Spelling

We will continue to study the Grammar and Spelling in the year 5/6 Grammar and Spelling Appendix.  



Aesop’s fable: 
Le Vent et le Soleil (The Sun and the Wind)


Understanding the Arts

Music & Drama

We will be preparing for our Year 5/6 production of ‘Our city has a Monster’

Performance dates: 11/7/17 and 13/7/17 at 6pm


Art & DT

Art and architecture of Ancient Greece.

Art week—7 Natural Wonders of the world.  Year 5 will be studying Mount Everest.  They will be using chalk and charcoal to show light and shade. 




History & Geography

The Greek Gods

Greek mythical creatures

The Greek constellation myths


 Science & ICT


Our topic this term is Earth and Space. We will look at the movement of the earth, sun and moon and discuss day and night, seasons and time zones.


The children will create posters using Word.  They will insert and resize a picture.  They will use folders to file work.  

Understanding Physical Development, Health and Well Being

Value of the Term

Our value for the term is Teamwork

In class we will look at listening to each other and learning from each other. We will also think about Transition to year 6.


Our focus for this term is Christianity. Our key question will be: how to show commitment to religion.