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2012-13 Year 4 Term 6

In Term 6 Year 4 will be studying Myths and Monsters.

Mathematical Understanding

This term we will  focus on: 


Solving one step and two step problems involving money and measures.

Understanding and ordering decimal numbers.

Reading scales.

Shape and Space and Measures

Angles - 360°, 180°, 90°

Estimating angles less than 90°.

Area and Perimeter of rectangles.

Time - use am and pm and telling the time to the nearest minute.

 Scientific and Technological Understanding 

Solids and Liquids: 

Changing state


Nova 008



Separating solids and liquids, through sieving and filtering.

 Understanding the Arts

Art and D.T.

Andy Goldsworthy natural sculptures

Clay monsters


How Music from all over the world can evoke different feelings and moods. We will  follow two themes entitled Exploring Sound Colours and Exploring Signals. 

The children will have the opportunity to listen to Music from diverse cultures, including Caribbean music and music from parts of Asia, and decide what mood and emotions the sounds are attempting to convey.


Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding

Globe, Atlas and map work to locate the countries and sites of famous unexplained mysteries.

Research skills: utilising text books and the Internet; fact or opinion? Group work.

Use of digital media, camera and film to create a hoax.

Oral story telling.

Presentation of group’s findings in the form of Powerpoint presentations; pretend newspaper report; persuasive texts etc.


 Understanding English, Communication and Languages


Persuasive writing.

Recapping previous writing genres, linking closely with our topic of Mystery.

Our Spelling Rules this term are:  

To revise and investigate links between meaning and spelling when using affixes. To know how the meaning of roots, prefixes and suffixes support spelling.


Times of the day followed by the geography of France, main towns and cities, points of the compass and school subjects  and timetables. We will also continue to review previously learnt work in order to consolidate our conversational skills.


 Learning about inspirational people, including Gandhi, the Toy Box Organisation and the Old Testament Story of Esther.  Also thinking about who inspires us today.