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Year 4 Term 3

In Term 3, Year 4 will be exploring Healthy Me!

Understanding English, Communication and Language

In literacy we will be diving into stories from different cultures from other countries and having a go at creating part of a story ourselves. We will also be creating journalistic recounts in the style of a newspaper article. 


In French this term with Mr B, we are telling the time, periods of the day and looking at how accents above letters change the way we say words. 

Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding

We will be looking at some of the big medical discoveries in history and discussing how these findings have changed how we look at modern medicine today.

Religious Education

Focusing on Christianity, we will be looking at how rules, codes and traditions of a religion can impact a follower's daily life including the Ten Commandments, expressing forgiveness and works of charity. 

Scientific and Technical Understanding

Our topic this term, we are exploring some of the fascinating workings of some of the most important body systems and how they keep us alive including how our bodies fight germs to keep us fit and healthy. 

We are also looking at teeth, how our digestive system works and the wonders and importance of eating a balanced diet. 

Understanding Physical Development

Tuesdays - Mr Harrison will be doing dance sessions linked to our healthy bodies topic. 

Fridays - We are continuing with our gymnastics skills by moving onto more complex movements performing and using apparatus. 

Mathematical Understanding

In maths this term, we will be covering the following:

reading and writing the time
problem solving using calendars and timetables
written methods for multiplication and division
units of measurement
reading scales
data handling

As always, we are STILL going strong with times tables so plenty of practice is needed to get them all perfect! Tests every week on multiplication and division facts.

Maths Whizz is still a big focus for independent maths learning. Make sure to keep logging on at school and at home!

Understanding the Arts

In Art and DT with Ms Wells, linked in with our topic,we are designing and producing our own sandwiches and packaging. 

Undated handout picture from the bakers of Hovis, who are celebrating their 120th anniversary this year, and have summed up the history of the past twelve decades in a twelve decker sandwich. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture issue date: tuesday May 9, 2006. The sandwich will be on display at The Hovis Exhibition which is being hosted at the United Grand Lodge, London. Devised by Hovis master baker Colin Lomax and consumer historian Robert Opie, each layer, be it dainty and delicate or deep filled and decadent, features Hovis Original Wheatgerm bread and a popular filling of the era.  See PA story CONSUMER Sandwich.  Photo credit should read: Borkowski / PA.

In PSHCE we are looking at relationships, getting on and falling out with others and managing our feelings.