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Year 4 Term 1

In Term 1 Year 4 will be studying the Rocking Romans

Mathematical Understanding

This term’s focus is on knowledge of 
number and the number system. Areas of focus will include:

Place Value


Reading, writing and ordering numbers up to 10,000


Using Number facts

Negative Numbers

Multiplying and Dividing by 10 & 100

Mental strategies for addition and subtraction

Problem solving

There will also be a big focus on times tables in preparation for more complex number work later in the year. Be sure to practise as there will regular tests every week!

Religious Education

As part of the Harvest Festival celebrations we will be looking at how harvest has changed in the 21st century as well as discussing Fairtrade and the global issue of sustainability.  

Scientific and Technological Understanding

We will be studying Light and Shadows. We will be exploring properties of light, how shadows are made and how the Sun affects our shadows. We will also be looking at the effects of the Earth and Moon’s orbit around the Sun.

Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding

We are learning about the rise of the Roman Empire as well as looking into different aspects of life as an Ancient Roman.  As part of the learning experience, we will be visiting Chedworth Roman Villa.

Understanding Physical Development

We are playing invasion games developing offensive and defensive skills as well as looking at good teamwork and sportsmanship in a competitive game scenario.


Understanding English

We will be reading and writing stories that include a dilemma that must be solved and for non-fiction, we will be writing information texts based on research and facts we discover about the Romans.

We will also be developing spelling knowledge and handwriting skills with regular weekly practice as well as reading one-to-one and in groups.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Learning

In PSHCE, we will be exploring the themes New Beginnings  and It’s Good To Be Me.

In French with Mr Brassington, we will be looking at dates, pets, colours and numbers up to 40.

Understanding the Arts

We will be learning about mosaics and get the chance to design and create one of your own!