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Y4 T1 Topic Web

In Term 1 Year 4 will be asking What did the Romans do for us?


Our main focus will be on looking into dilemma stories and stories from a historical setting. We will also be learning about a range of different characters and how we can portray them in our writing. 

Using adverbs, adjectives and fronted adverbials. 


Spiritual, Moral, Social and 
Cultural Learning 

We will be considering the importance of responsibility this term relating to our red kite values. 

We shall also be looking at the SEAL theme of new beginnings. 


Number patterns and relationships 

Written Calculation Methods for Addition and Subtraction 

Doubling and halving 3 digit numbers 

Place value using decimals 

Grams and Kilograms 

Roman numerals 

Problem Solving 


6 and 9 Timetables 


This term during our indoor PE sessions we will be studying gymnastics, with a focus on balance. In our outdoor sessions we will be studying different types of invasion games. 


We will be investigating electricity. We will be working out what items use electricity and also creating electrical circuits.


We will be looking at the Roman invasion of
Britain and its impact. 

 Ilustration of 'Boudica'. A British queen who took on Rome. (C) Mary Evans Used in W/E    Issue 9th December 2000

We shall also be learning about Boudica and the British resistance.

Art and D&T 

Designing and making our own roman clay pots. 

Religious Education 

We will be focusing on Judaism and the relationship that Jews have with god.