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Term 2 Topic Web

In Term 2 Year 4 will be exploring Oxford and Venice!


Our main focus will be on looking into dilemma stories and stories from a historical setting. We will also be learning about a range of different characters and how we can portray them in our writing. 

Using adverbs, adjectives and fronted adverbials. 



This term we will be locating continents oceans and seas on European and world maps and understanding geographical similarities between Venice and Oxford.

Religious Education 

We will be focusing on believing and belonging. We will also be looking at the Christmas story and thinking about what the different parts mean to Christmas today. 


Number patterns and relationships 

Written Calculation Methods for Addition and Subtraction 

Millimetres and metres 

Millilitres and litres 

Grid multiplication 

Rounding numbers 

Spiritual, Moral, Social and 
Cultural Learning

We shall also be looking at the SEAL theme of getting on and falling out. 

Value for the term: Enthusiasm


We will be investigating animals including humans. We will be learning about the digestive system and teeth.



This term during our indoor PE sessions we will be studying street dance. In our outdoor sessions we will be learning how to work as a team and invent games. 

Art and D&T 

We will be using a range of materials and techniques to draw and paint the Titanic. We will also be creating some Christmas surprises!