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Year 4

Term 4 Year 4 will continue to explore Rainforests.

The class teachers are Mrs Perry and Mrs Flannery. Our teaching assistant is Miss Evans.

Homework will be given out on Friday and is due back the following Wednesday (or earlier).

P.E will be on Thursdays (outside, weather permitting). Please ensure children have their PE kit with them all week in case of a change of plan. Swimming will be on Fridays.

Towards the end of this term, Years 3 and 4 will perform their play. More information will follow.

Take a look at our Rainforest creatures display.


Mental addition and subtraction. 

Mental multiplication and division. 

Place value and written methods for adding and subtracting including with money. 

Vertical algorithm for multiplications. 

Word problems in context. 

Decimal numbers. 


Where are the rainforests? 

Why are rainforests important? 

What is happening to rainforests and why is this a problem? 

What could be done to help protect the forests? 

Physical Education 

Outdoor and adventurous activities

Swimming - Fridays (please remember kit, goggles, towel and a packed lunch).


Text Types 

Persuasive Writing—persuasive posters and articles about rainforest destruction. 

Poetry—List poems and Kennings 


Grammar: adverbials including fronted adverbials; apostrophes for possession; inverted commas.



Understanding the Arts
Art and DT
Props and costumes for our play The Emerald Forest.

Singing—learning songs for our play and creating sound effects. 

Rehearsing and performing our play.
Science & Technological Understanding

Living Things and their habitats -
Name that Living Thing. 

Grouping living things.

Classifying invertebrates. 

Invertebrate hunt. 

Classification keys. 

Local habitat survey. 

Environmental changes. 

Value for the term

This term’s value is Kindness

Getting on and Falling Out 

Religious Education

Theme: Easter 

Key Question: Is forgiveness always possible? 

Learning objective: To understand how Jesus’ life, death and resurrection teaches Christians about forgiveness