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Year 4

The class teachers are Mrs Perry and Mrs Flannery. Our teaching assistant is Miss Evans.

Homework will be given out on Friday and is due back the following Wednesday (or earlier).
P.E will be on Monday and Thursdays. Please ensure children have their indoor and outdoor PE kit with them all week in case we have a change of plan.

On Thursday 11th & Friday 12th May Year 4 will be on their residential trip to Youlbury Scout Camp

5 digit numbers

Negative numbers in temperature

Decimals with tenths and hundredths

Compare fractions with decimals 

Multiplication using written algorithm 

Division as inverse of multiplication

Roman numerals


2 and 3D shape 


Who were the Ancient Egyptians? 

What was life like in Ancient Egypt? 

Mummies; Tutankhamun; Write like and Egyptian; Egyptian Gods. 

Physical Education 

Outdoor and adventurous activities including our residential trip to Youlbury.

May Day Dancing



Text Types: stories from another culture 

Poetry—Off By Heart 

Grammar: using conjunctions; extending sentences; using fronted adverbials; revising prepositions.

 Understanding the Arts

Art and DT

Egyptian profiles—drawing and painting.

Clay coil pots.


Charanga Music scheme— Mamma Mia Unit. 

Science & Technological Understanding

Animals including Humans 


What happens to your food? 

What does the small intestine do? 

Food chains. 

Value for the term

This term’s value is Independence


Knowing myself


Managing feelings

Belonging to a community


Religious Education

Theme: Judaism - beliefs and practices.