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Year 4

Term 6 (Summer Term 2) Year 4 will be exploring Our Local Area.

The class teachers are Mrs Perry and Mrs Flannery. Our teaching assistant is Miss Evans.

Homework will be given out on Friday and is due back the following Wednesday (or earlier).
P.E will be on Monday and Thursdays. Please ensure children have their indoor and outdoor PE kit with them all week in case we have a change of plan.


In maths this term, we will be covering the following: 

- Adding 2 digit numbers to 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers mentally. 

- Subtract 2-, 3- and 4-digit numbers using counting up; 

- Factors of numbers 

- Adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers and solving word problems using the appropriate method. 

- Adding money ( pounds and pence) using column addition 

- Draw and interpret bar charts and pictograms 

- Divide by 10 and 100 (to give answers with 1 and 2 decimal places) 

TARGET: Know all times tables up to 12x by the end of term


Mummies; Tutankhamun; Write like an Egyptian; Egyptian Gods. 


We will be studying our local area: 

Locate Garsington and Oxford on maps; 
undertake fieldwork in the local area to locate physical features;
 and understand human impact on the environment. 

Physical Education 

We will be practising and developing skills and events in Athletics –jumping, throwing, hurdles, sprinting and relay running.

We will also learning skills for striking and fielding games.


Text Types: 

Newspapers and journalistic writing 

Poetry—Off By Heart 


Possessive apostrophes; pronouns; present perfect tense; revise main grammatical categories and adverbials.

Children will be given weekly spellings to learn.

 Understanding the Arts

Clay coil pots

Cowley Road carnival and Art Week preparation

Charanga Music scheme— Mamma Mia Unit.

Science & Technological Understanding

Living Things and their habitats—Help Our Habitats! 

How has our environment changed? 

How do living things adapt to change? 

What is climate change? 

How can we make a positive impact on the local environment?


Value for the term

This term’s value is Teamwork



nowing myself 


Social skills 

Making choices 

Religious Education

We will be looking at how important going to church is to show someone is a Christian.