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Y3 T2 Topic Web

In Term 2 Year 3 will be studying Romans, Oxford and Venice

Understanding English

This term we will be looking at fantasy writing and information texts. We will be planning and writing our own fantasy stories and information texts.

We will expand our knowledge of grammar and punctuation this term and will also be developing our spelling and handwriting. There will be regular guided reading sessions.

It is vital that your child reads as often as possible at home - please continue to read with them on a regular basis.


We will will continue our French lessons this term .We will be learning numbers to 12, classroom instructions and the names of classroom objects.


This term we will be studying Christianity and why Christiancelebrate Christmas.

Key questions

Why is Christmas so special to Christians? How do they celebrate? We will discuss the various ways Y3 celebrate Christmas.

Scientific and technological understanding 

This term we will be learning about forces and magnets. We will be looking at pushes and pulls. We will also be increasing our knowledge of forces, testing materials to see if they are magnetic and recording our results.


This term we will continue to study The Romans. We will also be studying Oxford and Venice. We will compare the two cities by looking at the history and geography of them both. We will be making some Italian food with Nicky.


We will be designing and making Venetian masks.

We will also be making our Christmas crafts ready to sell at this year’s Christmas Fair.


As a school we will continue to use Abacus to aid in our daily teaching. This term we will be looking at: 

- Place Value 

- Rounding 

- Fractions 

- Money 
- Measurement 

- Doubling and halving 

- Patterns and predictions 

- Problem solving 

Please continue to learn the times tables with your child at home.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Learning 

We will be using Big Questions in class to explore the value of enthusiasm. In PSHCE we will be exploring the SEAL theme of Good to be me with links to feelings and saying no to bullying.