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Year 3

In Term 5 (Summer Term 1) Year 3 will be exploring Ancient Egypt.

The Class Teacher in Year 3 is Ms Calvert and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Miller. 

Homework will be given out on Friday and is due back the following Wednesday (or earlier).  Please continue to read as much as possible at home and practise times tables.

P.E will be on Monday and Tuesday Please ensure children have their PE kit with them.  There will be an outdoor PE session on a Tuesday so please ensure children have water bottles and hats/sunscreen if appropriate.




Egyptian mystery stories. 

Creating suspense and showing how a character feels by giving clues.


Non-chronological reports on the Ancient Egyptians. 

Grammar and spelling

Perfect tense, word families, adverbs, inverted commas, prefix and suffix, 



Classroom objects, family members and  weather.



Christianity– Forgiveness, Good Friday and Easter. 


Gymnastics– sequences involving learnt balances, rolls and jumps. 

Dance– country dancing in preparation for May Day.


Mental addition and subtraction. 

Comparing and adding fractions with the same denominator

Multiplication and inverses - using grid multiplication 

Dividing without remainders– using chunking for division with remainders

Creating and interpreting bar charts and pictograms

Using column addition



Art— Portraits of Egyptian Gods, drawing in profile.

Music— We will continue with ukulele lessons this term. Don’t forget  your instrument on THURSDAYS. 



Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Learning

RED KITE value for the term–Independence. 

Social and emotional aspects of learning 

Scientific and technological understanding

Forces and Magnets 

Comparing how things move on different surfaces. 

Investigate magnets and magnetic materials.


When and where were the Ancient Egyptians around? 

How do we know about the past? 

What were the pyramids? 

Who were the pharaohs? 

What was everyday life like in Ancient Egypt?