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Year 2

Term 6 (Summer Term 2) Year 2 will continue to be Nature Detectives

Ms Scaldwell teaches Monday - Wednesday and Mrs Allan teaches Thursday and Friday. Mrs Shepherd and Mrs Watts are our Teaching Assistants.

Hopefully we will be doing a large amount of our learning outside this term. Please make sure your child has a sunhat which can be kept in school and that sun cream is applied in the morning, before school starts.

PE will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please make sure your child has an indoor and outdoor PE kit in school at all times. 

Understanding English, communication and languages 


Stories about mini-beasts.

Use a full range of punctuation. 

Write exciting noun phrases which describe 
the mini-beasts in detail. 


Explanation texts.

Life cycle of a frog. 

Historical, Geographical and Social 


Investigating plant and animal life in our local area. 

Creating animal and bird friendly
environments (bug hotels). 

Thinking about how we can look after our local environment. 

Visit a local garden and design our own environmentally friendly garden. 

Mathematical Understanding 


Locate, order and compare numbers to 200 and use < and > signs.

Add and subtract two 2-digit numbers by counting on / back in 10s and 1s.

Double and halve numbers and find halves, quarters and thirds of a shape and quantity.

Count in 3s and multiply and divide by 2, 3, 5 and 10. 


 Weight, capacity, length and time
(digital and analogue to the nearest 5 minutes). 

Data handling

Drawing block graphs and pictograms where 1 square / picture represents 2 objects. 

Understanding physical development, health and well-being 

Value for the Term: Teamwork


Changes - Knowing myself and my feelings


Athletic activities 

Scientific and Technological Understanding


Life cycle of plants and mini-beasts. 

What plants need to grow and thrive. 

Identification of trees and the parts of a plant. 


Data handling - plotting pictograms, bar graphs and block charts and answering questions from these. 

Sorting diagrams - classification of mini-beasts. 

Understanding the Arts 

Art and D&T 

Making caterpillars. 

Butterfly paintings. 

Paintings of gardens inspired by Monet.

Religious Education

Community and belonging 

Islam - Does going to the Mosque give Muslims a sense of belonging? 

Does completing Hajj make a person a better Muslim?