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Year 2

In Term 4 Year 2 will be exploring Space. 

Ms Scaldwell teaches Monday - Wednesday and Mrs Allan teaches Thursday and Friday. Mrs Shepherd is our Teaching Assistant. 

PE will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please make sure your child has an indoor and outdoor PE kit in school at all times. 

Please continue to share a book with your child each evening. Please encourage your child to change their reading book in the mornings. 

Homework will be given to the children on Fridays and should be handed in by the following Wednesday.

Understanding English, communication and languages 

Fiction - Fantasy stories set in space. 

Structuring a story with a quest, a problem and a resolution. 

Creating atmosphere. 

 Correct us of past and present tense. 

Persuasive writing - Inviting aliens to visit the Earth. 

Historical, Geographical and Social 

The solar system:
Why is the sun so important to us?
What is the moon? 
Which other planets share our sun
and what are they like? 

Significant lives - Neil Armstrong 

Life in Space – How is the life of an astronaut on the International Space Station different to life on Earth? 

Tim Peake

Mathematical Understanding 

Multiplication and division: understand multiplication as repeated addition and know that two numbers can be multiplied in any order to give the same result. Recall multiplication facts from the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Begin to understand that division is the inverse of multiplication. 

Fractions: recognise different fractions of shapes (1/2, 1/4, 3/4, 1/3 and 2/3) 

Measure: Telling the time to the quarter hour on the digital and analogue clocks. 

Recognising coins and notes of different values and using them to make different amounts. 

Addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers in the context of money. 

Data Handling: Use a tally chart to complete a block graph and pictogram. 

Understanding physical development, health and well-being 

Value for the Term: Kindness


Getting On and Falling Out


Gymnastics and Games

Scientific and Technological Understanding


Exploring a range of materials through investigations and explorations.

Work on ways to test materials for elasticity and flexibility and find out which is the strongest.

Work in small groups to design and make a paper rocket launchpad to hold a toy space rocket.  

Understanding the Arts 

Art and D&T 

Creating imaginary planet pictures.

Designing and building a model space rocket. 


Songs about Space.

Religious Education

The Easter story