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Year 1

In Term 6 (Summer Term 2) Year 1 will continue to be Nature Detectives

Ms Rizza is the class teacher and Mrs Bruce teaches the class on Wednesday afternoons and all day on Friday.

Please help your child change their reading books in the mornings. If you feel you are able to help any time during the day e.g. with reading or if you have any skills that you can offer to th
e class this would be most welcome. 

PE will be on Mondays and Fridays-please ensure your child has a PE kit. We will be doing PE inside and outside-please ensure your child has suitable footwear.

Activity sheets to share with your child at home will be put in their Activity books on Fridays. 
Understanding English, communication and languages 

Stories related to our topic 

Finding information about mini beasts and plants using non fiction books. 

Learning initial sounds, blends and end sounds using Read Write Inc. 

Developing reading and writing skills through stories and non fiction texts. 


Word recognition 

Letters and Sounds 

Developing their reading and writing skills through stories and non fiction texts 


Understanding the Arts


Butterfly paintings. 

Making dragonflies


Learning new songs 

Instrumental work-rhythm, keeping 
steady beat loud, quiet.


Mathematical Understanding

Find 1 more/less, 10 more/less than any 2-digit number. 

Understand place value in 2-digit numbers and identify 10s and 1s. 

Use number facts to add and subtract 1-digit numbers to/from 2-digit numbers. 

Add pairs of 1-digit numbers with totals above 10. 

Measure weight and capacity using uniform non-standard units. 

Identify even numbers and begin to learn halves; recognise halves and quarters of shapes. 

Understanding physical development, health and well-being 

Value for the Term: Teamwork


Changes - knowing myself and my feelings


Sports day activities– developing athletic skills




Scientific and Technological 

Investigate and discuss the purpose of plants. 

The role of insects and other creatures in pollination. 

Looking at the different parts of the plants. 

Growing plants in class. 

What plants need to grow. 

Planting wheat. 

Historical and Geographical 

Looking at plants and mini beasts in our local area. 

Talk about how we can look after our environment. 

Visit a local garden. 

Religious Education

Judaism — Why Shabbat is important to Jewish children.