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FS Update 06.11.2015

Foundation Stage Newsletter Term 2 & update 6th November 2015

Words of the week: shape, launched, bonfire.

Values of the term: Respect and Remembrance

Communication and Language
On Monday we were all keen to share our holiday news, with our talk partners. Sharing our news every Monday is a really valuable part of our week and helps to develop both the children’s language and listening skills. It would be great if your child would like to bring in a picture or souvenir of somewhere they have visited at the weekend or something they have made. We always enjoy hearing about the children’s adventures. We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and the story of Bonfire night, this got us talking about all the new words that we came across whilst listening to the story (treacherous, government and parliament) We put lots of new words on our traffic lights and we will continue to explore the meaning of them. It is great to see the children embracing our wacky word wall and suggesting new words to put on the traffic lights.

Personal, Social and emotional development
This week we have started to think about our values of the term respect and remembrance. During our collective worship we have been discussing what respect means and how we can demonstrate this to others. It has been fantastic to see all the responsibility at home certificates and Wow leaves that the children are bringing in.

Physical development
This week we have enjoyed exploring and creating different movements to music, specifically fireworks. We have been creating our own firework themed moves, whooshing like rockets, spinning like Catherine wheels and much more. Our fine motor control is also developing and we have been practising writing our letters in sand, rice and paint.

We have been busy practising writing our letter sounds this week. I can really see that the children have also been practising at home, thank you for your support with this. In the classroom we have set up a writing working wall to display examples of our writing across the curriculum. The children have also been using their new busy books for mark making this week.

Expressive art and design
This week we have been busy being creative. We made our own firework themed art. We enjoyed splatter painting our fireworks in the night sky, we then made our own rockets and sparklers to add to our night sky. The children have also been making lots of firework themed models out of construction materials. On Tuesday we learnt a new song about Bonfire night and followed this up by using instruments to create different firework sounds whilst singing the song. It was great fun and we all enjoyed performing it. Do ask your child to sing the song, it’s called ‘On Bonfire night’ and can be found on the following website

We have been consolidating our knowledge of 2D shapes this week. We have been sorting and describing shapes. We had great fun hiding our shapes from our partners and using mathematical language to describe the properties of shapes before asking our partners to guess the shape.

Understanding the world
This week we have been talking about the story of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night. We have also been thinking about why it is important to be safe on Bonfire night and near fireworks and fires.

Next week
Phonics- i and n
Please bring in something for our sound table.
Text: Little Red Hen
Maths: Pattern
We will also be thinking about developing a growth mind set by thinking about things that help us to learn and things that are a barrier to learning. This will be something that we will be focussing on throughout the year, with a real focus on developing challenge and a can do attitude to learning.
I will be out of class on Monday afternoon and Thursday afternoon, Mrs Bruce and Mrs Perry will be covering the class respectively.

Parents’ evening
Will be in the school hall on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A plea! 
We really need spare tights, socks, trousers and skirts. We are running quite low and this proves quite tricky when children need a change of clothes. If you have any unwanted items we would be very grateful.
We also need small boxes, tubes and items for junk modelling.

Class trip
We will be going on a class trip to the Botanical Gardens on the morning of Tuesday 15th December. A letter will be sent home via parent mail with more information. Just to let you know that children will need a packed lunch and we will need to know in advance if you can provide one or if you need school to provide one. We also need one parent helper to join us, please could you let me know if you would be willing to help.

Thank you for your continued support.
Rebecca Honey