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FS Update 9.6.2017

Foundation Stage Update ~ 9th June

Words of the week: aphids, temper, eerily, quivered, pincer, antennae, female, male, larva, insect.

Our first week back has been a very busy but exciting week. The children have been involved in the Garsington election and have listened to the six different parties and really impressed me by thinking of questions to ask the candidates. On Thursday we all went  to the polling station to cast our votes and we are looking forward to hearing the results in assembly this afternoon.

This week we also took delivery of four stick insects, which after several class votes the children decided to name; Pip, Spot, Strawberry and Duncan. Thank you to Indy’s Dad for bringing them in and lending them to us. If anyone has any books about stick insects then we would love to borrow them.

Welcome to Tilly and her family who have joined our class this week.

Personal, Social and Emotional development-This week we have started to think about our new value, teamwork and what this means. This is our whole school value for this term and you our focus for this terms WOW leaves. During our circle times this week we have been thinking about what makes us feel bad tempered and what we do when we feel bad tempered.

Communication and Language- We have been talking non-stop this week about lots of things! On Monday we discovered lots of new words whilst reading our story of the week and had some great discussions about the meaning of these words. We have also had some good discussions about our whole school election and who we would like to vote for. I was really impressed with the questions that the children came up with and how well they listened to all the different candidates.

Physical development- Our preparation for sports day is well and truly underway. The children have been busy practising the following skills:

·         Running

·         Throwing bean bags into buckets

·         Balancing quoits on their heads whilst walking.

We will be doing lots of different races this term so that we are prepared for sports day. This links in really well with our value this term and we have been thinking about why it is important to support our team mates. We have also enjoyed demonstrating our amazing dance moves this week and have enjoyed some Zumba.

Literacy- This week we have enjoyed reading and exploring the story of ‘the bad tempered ladybird.’ I have been impressed with the children’s comments as we read through the book, they noticed that the pages got bigger each time and that this corresponded to the size of the animals. In our groups we have been looking at both fiction and non-fiction ladybird books and talking about the difference between the two. For our writing we have written our bad tempered sentences, thinking carefully about all the sounds we can hear in a word, using finger spaces and a full stop. Our writing targets for this term are:

To write more than one sound in a word correctly.

·         To form all letters correctly.

·         To use a capital letter and finger spaces.

Please support your child with these at home.

Maths-We have been practising our number bonds to 10 this week. This has involved lots of quick fire maths questions and the children have had to respond as fast as they can. I am really impressed with their maths this week. Please could you continue to support your child at home with practising  their number bonds to 10. In our ten minute maths sessions we have been counting on and back from a given number and counting things that cannot be moved.

Expressive art and design-The children have really enjoyed showing their creative side this week and have been producing some wonderful artwork. Much of their art has been inspired by our story of the week. We have also cut out and decorated our own ladybirds.

Understanding the World-We have been learning about the lifecycle of a ladybird this week and have had some great discussions about this. We learnt lots of new words too, like male, female and larva. Being part of the whole school election this week has allowed the children to experience what happens and given them the opportunity to vote for their favourite party.

Wow leaves-Your child is bringing home their new WOW leaf for this term. It would be great if every child could have a WOW leaf this term. Our focus for this terms WOW leaves is teamwork.

New behaviour chart-Please make sure you have received the letter about our new behaviour chart.

Shoe boxes-Please could you bring in a shoe box for art week. It would be great if all shoe boxes were in by the end of next week. Thank you.


Friday 16th June- School disco

Saturday 24th June-  Whole school maintenance morning 9.30-11.30. It would be great to see lots of you there to help us clean the foundation stage garden and wider school grounds.  

Saturday 8th July- School fete

Next week

Focus: The bad tempered ladybird

Maths: adding two numbers to find a total

Thank you for your continued support.

Rebecca Honey