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FS Update 4.11.16

Foundation Stage Weekly Update - 4th November 2016

Words of the week: bonfire, enthusiasm, address

Personal, Social and Emotional development- This week we have been talking about enthusiasm and what this means. This is our whole school value for this term and we will be talking about how we can demonstrate that we are enthusiastic learners and hoe this will help us to develop a growth mindset.

Communication and Language-We have been learning a new firework poem/song this week called ‘on bonfire night’. We have spent a lot of time learning the poem and talking about the different words that are used in it to describe the sounds that fireworks make. The children have spent a lot of time working with talk partners this week and have come up with some fantastic words to describe fireworks. It is fantastic to see the children engaging in conversation with their talk partner and really valuing what the other person is saying.

Physical development
-In our P.E lesson this week we listened to firework music and thought about the different ways that we could move our bodies to create our own firework dances. The children worked independently and then in pairs to share their ideas. They then linked their three best movements to perform to the rest of the class. During our writing sessions we have also been building on our fine motor control, ensuring our hands are warmed up before we write. Please continue to support your child with their pencil control.

Literacy- This week we have been practising hearing, recognising and writing the following sounds ‘m’, ‘a’,’s’ and ‘d’. I am really impressed with how well the children are embracing these new sounds and are already beginning to use them in their writing. We have also worked on recognising and writing our names. Please continue to support your child to do this.

-Our focus this week has been colours and making sure we know the names of the different colours. We have also concentrated on our numbers and ensuring that we are recognising and counting on and back from a number.

Expressive art and design
-We have really enjoyed being creative this week and have used bonfire night as our inspiration. We have created our own sparklers, rockets and Catherine wheels as well as enjoying splatter painting the fireworks in the night sky. On Thursday we used different instruments to make the sounds of the fireworks in our poem and then performed it as a class. 

Understanding the World- This week we have talked about the importance of fire safety and why it is important to stay safe not just on bonfire night but at all times. We have also talked about the role of the Fire brigade and how to contact them as well as the importance of knowing our address. The homework this week is linked to this. 

Extreme reading photos-Thank you to those of you who have already sent in your extreme reading photos. We do still need lots though and it would be great if every child could bring in one photo. These will then form our display in the shared area. 

Phonics workshop-Just to remind you that the Foundation Stage phonics workshop is on Tuesday at 2.30pm. It will be in the main school hall and will finish in time for the end of the school day. 

WOW leaves-Please check your child’s book bag for their latest WOW leaf. Completed WOW leaves will be shared on Friday 25th November. 

Phonics homework-Just to remind you that phonics homework needs to be handed in by Thursday each week. 

Home- school news books-If you want to communicate a message via your child’s news book, please could you then hand the news book to one of the adults in the classroom. 

Parent help-We really want to make our outside area look nice and would love it if anyone could spare a little bit of time to come and do some gardening so that come spring our garden looks brighter. We also need kind donations of bulbs, soil, plant pots and any unwanted toys or games that you might have. If you think you could help in any way please come and see me. 

Plan for term 2-Please check your child’s book bag for a copy of our plan for this term. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Rebecca Honey

Weekend Challenge

Image result for front door with house number and road name

This week we have been learning about fire safety. We know that we need to phone 999 if there is an emergency but lots of us don’t know where we live. For homework please help your child to learn their address. It would be great if they knew their house number and the name of the road.