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FS Update 3.11.17

Reception Class Weekly Update ~ 3rd November 2017

Value of the term: Enthusiasm

Welcome back to a busy term. I hope you all had an enjoyable week last week and the children are feeling refreshed and ready for what is set to be a great term.

Personal, Social and Emotional development- This week we have started to talk about our new value of the term enthusiasm and what this means. We have talked about how we can be enthusiastic about learning and how we can demonstrate this in class. As it was the start of a new term we also reminded ourselves of the school rules and why it is important for everyone to feel safe and happy at school.

Physical development- We have been perfecting our fine motor control this week, making sure we are using the correct pencil grip for writing. Whilst making our firework themed art we have developed our scissor skills and whilst playing outside the children have been carrying and moving large tubes in order to make a tunnel pass balls through. In our PE lesson we have continued to develop our ball skills.

Communication and Language- The children were all eager to share their holiday news on Monday morning and did so with an increasing awareness for their audience. We are learning that during carpet time only one person can talk at a time otherwise we can’t hear what people are saying and are getting much better at taking it in turns to speak. We are working on working with a talk partner at the moment and the importance of sharing ideas with a partner or a group and then building on other peoples ideas.

Literacy- In our phonics sessions we have continued to learn a new sound a day and have been writing these on whiteboards. We have also been using fred talk to help us read words that contain the sounds that we already know. I have been really impressed by how well the children have used their phonic knowledge to help them read and begin to write words. In our Literacy lessons this week we have been writing about fireworks and the noises that they make in particular. We listened to some fireworks and imagined we were at a firework party, we then worked in pairs to think of three words to describe what the fireworks sounded like. Finally, we each wrote down words to describe the sounds that we could hear. This writing will be on our writing wall by the end of next week.

Maths- In our maths lessons this week we have been counting on and back. We have also been matching numeral with the correct quantity of autumn objects. Towards the end of the week we have been using numicon to explore the difference in quantity. The children have been matching the correct numeral to the numicon and some have even taken it a step further and added two numicon pieces to make a total.

Expressive art and design-
We have enjoyed creating our own firework themed art work this week. We have used a variety of different methods to make our own night sky pictures. We have painted, printed and splatter painted fireworks on paper. Some of us decided to use artstraws and lollies to make sparklers and rockets for our pictures. The most important thing is that every child has made their own unique picture.

Understanding the world-
This week we have been talking about Bonfire night and how we can keep ourselves safe. We have also been talking about what to do if there is a fire and talked lots about phoning 999 in an emergency. On Thursday we had a special firework themed workshop with Sarah Bearchell, we learnt how fireworks are made and saw some different indoor fireworks.

Things to do at home 
· Learn your address, including house number and street name
· Write your name using correct letter formation
· Count to 20

Phonics- Next week we will be learning two new sounds ‘ng’ and ‘nk’. We will then be revising all the sounds that we already to know. This is to make sure the children are secure with all their speed sounds before we move on to the set 2 speed sounds. Please continue to practise the sounds with your child.

Focus children- The focus children next week are: William, Selina and Isabella.S. The focus children for the week beginning Monday 13th November are: Fabian, Emrys and Oscar. Can I just remind you that as well sending in photos you need to return the parent letter that is sent home.

Thank you for your continued support

Rebecca Honey