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FS Update 29.09.17

Reception class weekly newsletter ~ 29th September

Value of the term: Responsibility

Personal, Social and Emotional development- This week we have continued to think about how we can be responsible members of the school. It has been lovely to see the children demonstrating the school rules and the importance of them. We are trying hard to be a class of bucket fillers and demonstrate kindness towards others.  In the shared area we have created a display to show all the children who have been bucket fillers and will add to this throughout the year.

Physical development- We have continued to work on our fine motor skills this week in order to help us with our writing.  We have been using giant tweezers to pick up different sized objects and place them in bowls and containers. In the garden we have been developing our gross motor skills, jumping, running, throwing and catching. Next week we will be setting up a physical development area in the garden and will be encouraging the children to try all the activities.

Communication and Language- This week we have enjoyed engaging in lots of conversations with partners and in groups. It is lovely to see the children enjoying conversations with their friends and beginning to understand the importance of listening to others.  Whilst reading stories we have had some great discussions about new words that we have come across and what we think they mean.

Literacy- In our literacy lessons this week we have been learning a new sound each day and I have been really impressed with how well the children have remembered the sounds and the rhymes to help them form them correctly when writing. In their free writing the children have been practising forming their letters correctly and using a correct pencil grip.

Maths- We have been exploring 2D shapes this week. We started the week by sharing all of our existing knowledge of shapes and then asking questions about things that we weren’t sure of. Towards the end of the week we have explored different shapes and the properties of these shapes.

Expressive art and design- We have enjoyed using shapes to create our own pictures this week. The children have had to use their imaginations to create pictures of whatever they have chosen. These will be on display in the classroom next week. We have also enjoyed singing lots of songs and rhymes this week.

Understanding the world- This week we have been exploring the changes in the environment. The children have enjoyed talking about the falling leaves and the changes in seasons. Whilst playing outside they have enjoyed sweeping leaves into piles, catching falling leaves, sorting leaves and talking about the texture of leaves.

Things to do at home:

·         Go for an Autumn walk and bring in something for our Autumn table.

·         Practise writing the sounds that we have been learning this week (i,n,p,o,g) there are copies of these letters in your child’s book bag. Please keep these at home for them to practise.

·         Practise writing the sounds that were sent home on Tuesday.

·         Practise holding your pencil correctly and using it to write your name.

·         Continue to practise rhyming.

·         Count to 20 and then back.

·         Go for a walk and use your senses to explore the world around you.

Next week-

The sounds for this week will be sent home on Monday. Please keep these at home and practise writing them with your child. It is important that children learn to form all their letters correctly and the sheets that they brought home on Tuesday all have rhymes that help children to remember how to form these letters. Please practise this with your child and correct any misconceptions.

We will be learning the following sounds:

Class reps- We need two parents to be our class reps. The role includes the following:

  • Promoting communication between class teacher and parents.
  • Supporting PTA fundraising and social events.
  • Attending termly have your say meetings when possible and contribute ideas and provide feedback from other parents who are unable to attend.
  • Helping  out on trips if available.
  • Communicating and promoting  class and school events to parents (see events sheets for each term).
  • Helping to  organise class events. These maybe linked to fundraising for class.
  • To get to know other parents in the class and help new parents to feel welcome.

Please let me know if you would be interested in this role.

Reminders and dates

Mornings- Now that the children are settled please  let your  children sort themselves out in the morning. Our cloakroom area is very small and it is proving difficult for all the children to get in there in the morning. All the children should be able to hang their coats up and change their shoes independently.  Please could adults wait in the classroom for their child and once they have changed their shoes, hung their coats up, then they can come and find you and settle to an activity.

Focus children-The focus children next week are: Luciano, Freya, Javaughn and Violet The focus children for the week beginning Monday 9th October  are: Isabella.K, Lilly, Mason Letters were sent home on Thursday in book bags for these four children.

Clothes-Please make sure that all of your child’s belongings are clearly named, there are a few items of clothing that are not yet named and this makes it difficult to return them to their rightful owner. We are trying to teach the children to be responsible for their belongings and look after them and it makes it easier if they are named.

Outdoor area-Just to remind you that the outdoor area is not to be used before or after school.

News books-Can I just remind you that if you have written something in your child’s news book then it needs to be handed to a member of staff in the morning. We will them respond and put it back in your child’s book bag for the end of the day. Please check your child’s book bag at the end of each day.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.

Rebecca Honey