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FS Update 29.09.15

Foundation Stage update 29th September 2015

We have had such a busy week this week and I have been really impressed with how engaged the children have been with our Humpty Dumpty theme and how they have made links with our theme during their independent learning.

Communication, Language and Literacy
This week we have been really inspired by our rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and have created our own actions to help us when retelling the rhyme. Mrs England also taught us how to sign the rhyme and we thought about why sign language is important to people. As part of our literacy focus we have been sequencing pictures from the rhyme in order to re-tell it to a friend. We have also had lots of fun rhyming this week, coming up with words that rhyme with our names, playing rhyming bingo and making up nonsense words that rhyme. Please practise finding rhyming words with your child at home.

In our news sessions we have been working with a talk partner and sharing our weekend news with them before sharing it with the class. The children have demonstrated really great talk partner work and have remembered the important rules of talk partners, sitting opposite them, looking at each other, listening and taking turns to speak. We will use talk partners a lot during the course of the year in all areas of the Curriculum.

Personal, Social and Emotional development
We have been thinking about feelings this week and how we feel when something is broken. The children really impressed me with their ideas during our Humpty Dumpty inspired circle time. They came up with lots of words to describe how they would feel if their favourite toy was broken and ways in which they could mend it.

Physical development
This week we had our first dough disco sessions, for those of you who are unfamiliar with dough disco it involves playdough and music, the main purpose is to develop fine motor control through a variety of movements which will then help with children’s pencil control. Sadly we were unable to have our P.E session today because of the school photographs but we did play some outdoor games with our year three buddies.

This week we have enjoyed counting, comparing and ordering numbers beyond 10. On Wednesday we learnt how to play maths bingo and had to work in pairs to cross off all the numbers on our bingo boards, without cheating!

Understanding the world
This week we have been using our sense of smell to identify different objects. A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to our smell table, we will continue to focus on our sense of smell next week so there is still time to bring in something smelly! On Monday we had our first collective worship class assembly with Ms d’Archambaud. At the moment Foundation Stage don’t go to whole school assemblies so we have a class one every Monday afternoon with Ms d’Archambaud and these will be linked to our school values.

Expressive art and design
We have been making both 2D and 3D Humpty Dumpty’s. We began the week by making a large collage of Humpty Dumpty and our own small 2D Humpty Dumpty’s, using corrugated paper and a variety of other materials, each one is truly individual. We then decided that Humpty Dumpty needed to sit on a wall, so all the children made their own brick to put together a class wall. During independent learning the children used our learning in class to inspire their model making and have made models of Humpty Dumpty using popoids and various other construction materials. We have then tested them by sitting them on the wall and seeing if they too fall and what happens if they do.

Next week
Storytelling focus: The Gingerbread man
We will be baking our own Gingerbread men and women. Please let me know if your child has any allergies.
Maths: 2D shape

Wednesday 14th October-Foundation Stage parent workshop on reading, phonics and talk. This will be in the school hall at 2.30pm.

WOW leaves were shared and celebrated today. We will send home new WOW leaves on Monday and these will then be shared on the last day of this term, 23rd October. WOW leaves will be a different colour every month and once shared will be stuck in your child’s learning journey.

A plea!
Please could every child bring in a plastic bottle (1 pint milk bottles, small squash or water bottles) We will be making bird feeders for our garden. It would be great if these could all be in by the end of next week.

Thank you for your continued support
Rebecca Honey