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FS Update 29.01.16

Foundation Stage Weekly Update 29th January 2016

Words of the week: symbol, planet, forecast.

Communication and Language
We have had some great discussions this week about the friends and families that we have in other parts of the world. It is fantastic to see the children speaking with confidence and demonstrating awareness of their audience. Our Monday morning news sessions are also a great opportunity for the children to build on their vocabulary and listen to other people sharing their weekend news. During the free activity time I have also seen the children communicating well with each other, taking turns and building on each other’s ideas.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We have continued to think about our goals and how we can achieve them. In our classroom we have been thinking about ways that we can demonstrate responsibility and lots of the children have taken on-board our value of the term ‘aspiration’, they have set themselves a task and are keen to achieve this, whether it is writing their name or learning to run faster. They are really demonstrating a growth mindset. During our collective worship with Ms d’Archambaud we talked about our talents and recognising our own individual talent. This might be something that you could put on a WOW leaf for your child. 

Physical Development
In our PE session this week we have enjoyed putting our ball skills to good use; rolling, dribbling and passing to a partner and then a larger group. We have also enjoyed dancing. In our fine motor control, we are working hard to hold our pencils correctly, using a tripod grip. Please could you support your child in practising their pencil control.

This week we have been concentrating on perfecting our letter formation. During our phonics sessions we have been learning how to read ‘ch’ and ‘qu’ words as well as our red words ‘my’ and ‘of’. The children are continuing to impress me with their phonic knowledge, please remember to put the red words that we send home in a visible place for your child to see. It helps them to remember them if they are continuously practising them. In our small group work this week we have been identifying missing sounds in CVC words and reading simple captions.

Please could you continue to support your child with writing at home, particularly with writing their name. It would be great if every child could write their name, it really helps them if they can identify their name and write it correctly. If you need some additional support please let me know and I will be happy to provide you with some ideas to help.

We have focused on one less than a given number. I have been really impressed with how well the children have grasped this concept. We have talked about one less being a jump back on our number line and visually taking one away from a set. Each day the children have correctly counted the number of children in our class and then worked out what one less would be. We have spoken about the fact that if our class was full we would have 30 children but that we have one less and that is 29. Please continue to support your child with recognising numbers.

Understanding the World
We have continued to talk about the world and the members of our families that live in various parts of the world. As part of our weather topic we have been forecasting the weather each day and recording it in our weather books. We have talked about the symbols that we can use to indicate the type of weather.

Expressive Art and Design
This week we have been creating our own Arctic animals to go on display. We used our knowledge of the Artic to think about what colours we might use to make arctic foxes. In our singing sessions this week we have been learning some different songs from around the world.

On Tuesday we celebrated Australia Day and we were lucky enough to have Lucy’s Mum come in to talk to us about Australia. The children enjoyed hearing about the native animals of Australia and tasting some Australian fairy bread and lamingtons. A big thank you to Lucy’s mum for coming in and talking to the children.

International Evening
the Foundation Stage will be learning about China for international evening and we would really appreciate some help. If you have any resources that relate to China please bring them in. We are also in need of chopsticks, a wok and any Chinese menus or calendars that you have.

WOW leaves were shared and celebrated today. Your child has a new WOW leaf for February in their homework folder.

Just a polite reminder about news books. If you have written something in your child’s news book that you need us to read, please could you put it in the news book basket. This saves us lots of time and means that we don’t have to go through each news book everyday. We will also respond to your comment that day. Thank you.

Just to remind you that you only need to send in the unmarked phonics sheets each week. Please keep all the previous sheets at home.

Next week
Phonics: x, ng
Red words: me, was
Maths: Adding two numbers

Thank you for your continued support
Rebecca Honey