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FS Update 26.05.17

Reception Class Weekly Update ~ 26th May 20174

Personal, Social and Emotional development-It has been a very hot week in school this week and tempers have been a little frayed! As a class we have been talking about the importance of keeping calm and how we can do this. This week we have also continued to think about how independent we have been this term and things that we can do now that we couldn’t do at the start of the term. It was great to see so many WOW leaves about independence and the children, as always love sharing them with their friends and celebrating their achievements.

Physical development
-We have enjoyed practising our May Day dance this week and our eager to show it to you. Our PE lessons have been a little shorter this week due to it being so hot outside. In our Thursday session we played Victorian games like, skipping and tug of war.

Communication and Language- The children have had some wonderful conversations this week about our story ‘The Tiger who came to tea’. They have been talking about how they would feel if a tiger came for tea and what their favourite meals are. We have also talked about how things have changed since the Victorian times and why we are coming to school dressed up today.

Maths- This week we have been exploring 3D shapes and their properties. The children have been learning about the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. We have also enjoyed looking for different 3D shapes in the classroom and wider school environment. In our daily 10 minutes of maths we continued to practise our counting skills and I am really impressed that as a class we can now count beyond 100.

Literacy- We have enjoyed writing lists of our favourite foods this week. It has been great to see a growing number of children choosing to write independently. The children have also been working really hard in their phonics groups and are all making good progress. Please could you support your child with their phonics over the holiday by:

· Practising their speed sounds (You have copies of these at home from previous homework sheets)

· Writing speed sounds and forming letters correctly.

· Blending sounds in order to read words.

· Reading and writing simple sentences, remembering to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop.

If you need any help then please check the phonics page of our school website.

Expressive art and design- This week we have been exploring the Tiger who came to tea and have used this story as a starting point for our artwork. The children enjoyed creating their own tiger masks and then imagining they were tigers, re-telling the story using expression.

Understanding the World- We have been talking about floating and sinking this week and how we can test our theories. It has been great to see the children independently testing different objects and recording their findings. As the weather has been so hot this week we have also spoken about keeping ourselves safe in the sun and why this is important.

Warmer weather-Can I just remind you that all children need a water bottle, sun hat and sun cream when the weather is warm. We are not allowed to put sun cream on the children but are happy to remind them to apply it when necessary.

P.E Kits must be in school all week. We have noticed that quite a few children don’t have their PE kit in school and this means that they are unable to fully participate in PE lessons and practise the valuable skills of getting dressed and undressed independently. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school from next term.

Thank you for your continued support.

Have a lovely break.

Rebecca Honey