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FS Update 26.02.2016

Foundation Stage Newsletter Term 4 update 26th February 2016

Words of the week: rickety, jealous, quaking, suspect 

Firstly, welcome back to another action packed term! Our topic this term is ‘Once upon a time’. We will be using storytelling to help us tell traditional tales and will be going to the story museum for an exciting trip. Please find a copy of our topic web for this term but as always, remember that this is just a rough outline because we base our planning around the children’s interests, so please keep an eye on our weekly class newsletter for more up to date information about what we are doing.

This week we have really enjoyed our first science week at Garsington. On Tuesday we went to a special science magic workshop and the children really enjoyed watching some amazing science magic tricks. Do ask your child about this. On Thursday we all had to give our fingerprints as part of the crime crackers mystery, someone had stolen doughnuts from the staff room and we had to piece together the clues to work out who the culprit was.

Communication and Language
The children started the week buzzing with their holiday news and were keen to share this with the class. As the week has progressed we have been learning to tell the story of the ‘Three Billy goats gruff’ using actions to help us remember the tale. I have been really impressed with how well the children have identified new words and have been exploring their meaning. Once again we have had some great discussions about the new words that we have come across. I think our favourites this week are rickety and suspect.

Personal, Social and emotional development
This week we have been thinking about ways that we can be responsible around the school. On Monday Ms d’Archambaud set the children a class challenge, to walk around school responsibly both with and without an adult. I have been really impressed with how well the children have demonstrated this and I think it is safe to say they have achieved their class challenge this week.

Physical development
In our PE session today we enjoyed playing lots of team games which as well as developing our physical strength we had to focus on our listening skills. Our team games involved running to collect objects in order to earn points for our team, we also had to move around and through different obstacles. I was really impressed with the children’s team spirit and how well they worked together.

The children have been busy writing descriptions of the troll from the ‘Three Billy goats gruff’ and using their descriptions to make wanted posters. It is great to see just how much progress the children have made with their writing and how motivated they are to write. They are beginning to apply their phonic knowledge to help them, sounding out words when writing and reading and using our phonics working wall to check anything that they need reassurance with. Please continue to support your child at home with their writing and remember to use the phonics keyrings to continuously revise the sounds we have been learning.

We have continued to build on our addition and subtraction skills this week. I have been really impressed with the children’s mental maths skills and we have been working on quick fire questions which the children have to answer as fast as possible. Please could you support your child at home with their number recognition as well as counting and ordering numbers initially to 10 and then beyond once they are secure.

Understanding the World
Our highlight this week has definitely been our crime crackers session with Dr Bearchell. We talked about fingerprints and how everyone’s fingerprints are individual. The children then had a great time looking carefully at their own fingerprint using magnifying glasses and putting their own fingerprint on a piece of paper. We also had a copy of the fingerprint that belonged to the person who had stolen the doughnuts and we then had to use our magnifying glasses and our best detective work to match it to the fingerprint of one of the six suspects. I was really impressed with how well the children engaged in this activity and how quick they were to solve the crime.

Expressive art and design
As part of our science week project we were set a task, to work in groups to build a bridge using K’nex. This involved lots of discussion about how to build not only the strongest but the longest structure. It was great to see the children really demonstrating their growth mindset and not giving up when their initial ideas didn’t quite work and required a bit of tweaking.

Water bottles
Just a reminder that all children need water bottles in school all the time.

Phonics homework
We have completed all of our set one speed sounds and have now moved onto the set two sounds. You will notice that the homework now has a reading focus rather than writing. Please help your child to read the words containing our sounds that week. It is important to continue to help your child to develop their writing skills and I will therefore be sending home some writing work every few weeks.

Story museum
A letter was sent out about our class trip to the story museum on Thursday 17th March. Please return all permission slips as soon as possible. Your child will need a packed lunch on that day and we will return in time for the end of the school day.

Parent consultations
Next week’s parent meetings will be held in the hall on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you haven’t made an appointment yet please do so.

World book day
Next Thursday 4th March is world book day and children (and staff!) can come to school dressed as a book character. It would be great to have all the children dressed as their favourite book character. Please remember that we will still be going outside so the children will need their coats and sensible shoes.

Next week
Phonics: ee, igh
Literacy focus: The Elves and the Shoemaker
Maths: Measure

Key dates
Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd March- Parent consultations
Thursday 3rd March- World book day.
Thursday 17th March- Class trip to the Story Museum
Thursday 24th March- End of term 4.