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FS Update 25.11.16

Foundation Stage Weekly Update ~ 25th November 2016

Words of the week: Number

Personal, Social and Emotional development- Our story this week has got us thinking ab out our friends and how we can demonstrate positive behaviour towards them. We have had some great discussions about how we would feel if we were the little red hen and our friends refused to help us.  We also enjoyed meeting with our buddies this week and enjoyed talking to them about what we have been doing at home and what we are learning in school. It is fantastic to see the children so enthusiastic about their buddies. 

Communication and Language- We have been learning to tell the story of the Little Red Hen this week and once again we have been thinking about using expression when telling a story. It is great to see the children’s developing confidence and enthusiasm for storytelling. 

Physical development- We enjoyed playing ball games this week and practising passing  balls under and over. I was really impressed with the children’s ability to work in teams and show co-operation. We have also continued to practise our fine motor control and have been ensuring that our hands are warmed up before we write. 

Literacy- In our phonics sessions this week we have been practising our letter formation and I have to say I am really impresses with how quickly the children are picking up the correct letter formation and how keen they are to perfect this. Towards the end of the week we have been using Fred talk to read green words that contain the sounds that we already know.  We then put our phonics knowledge to good use and have started to written letters to Lollie to ask her to come and join us for a story when we have filled our marble jar. 

Maths- This week we have been counting forwards and backwards in order to develop our counting skills. We have also been recognising and ordering numbers. I have been particularly impressed with the children’s counting back and their recognition of numbers to 10 initially and then to 20. We are now focusing on matching a number to a quantity of objects. 

Expressive art and design- Once again we have been busy rehearsing for the Christmas play. This means lots and lots of singing! We have noticed that the children are amazing singers and they have really impressed us with their ability to remember all the words and sing with enthusiasm. 

Understanding the World- On Monday the children made a start of the gardening with the help of Julia’s Mum. This will be something that we will be doing regularly in order to improve the appearance of our outdoor area. We have also started to talk  about our Christmas play and  the Christmas story. This will be our focus next week and we will be talking about why we celebrate Christmas. Over the next few weeks it would be great if the children have any Christmas traditions that they could share with us. 

Next week

Phonics: u,b,f,e,

The Christmas Story

Maths: Number 

Thank you to Katrina for coming in and helping with the gardening. 

Christmas play costumes need to be in school by Thursday 1st December. Please make sure you have received a copy of the letter that was sent home on Wednesday.

Thank you

Just to remind you homework needs to be returned inside your child’s homework folder. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Rebecca Honey 

Weekend Challenge

Go for a walk and observe some of the things
that have changed since the summer. 

You could take some pictures or draw what you see.  
Can you think of some good words to describe what you see?