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FS update 24.06.16

Foundation Stage Weekly Update ~ 24th June

Words of the week: Cocoon, time, nutritious, inactive

Personal, Social and Emotional development - This week we have been thinking about the values that make up our Red kite whole school values. The children have really impressed me with their ability to demonstrate some of the values that we have already been talking about and continue to build upon the ones which are new to them. Our class challenge this week was to remember what all the red kite values mean and the children have worked really hard to both understand and demonstrate these.

Communication and Language We have had some great conversations this week about our words of the week and what they mean. I continue to be impressed with the children’s ability to identify new words and then discuss the meaning of them before using them in the correct context. Our storytelling has built upon our use of expressive language and I have been really impressed with the children’s ability to retell the story and use expression when doing so.

Physical development - The weather has hampered our P.E lessons a little this week but today we braved it and enjoyed practising our races for sports day. We have talked about the importance of working as a team and supporting each other.

Literacy We have enjoyed making story maps this week to tell the story of the very hungry caterpillar. I am so impressed with the way in which the children have worked as a team to make a story map. We have continued to discuss how to identify both fiction and non-fiction texts and the key features of both During our phonics lessons we have continued to practise our letter formation and reading red words. It would be really helpful if you could continue to support your child at home with their writing. You could ask them to help write a shopping list, a card or even a story.

Maths In our maths sessions this week we have been talking about time and why it is important to be able to identify certain significant times of the day. We have also been talking about the days of the week and the key things that happen on these days, for example, coming to school on a week day and staying at home on a Saturday and Sunday.

Expressive art and design - We have had a fantastic art week this week. We have taken inspiration from our story this week and have created our own 3D caterpillar using a variety of methods. The children have also made their own butterfly paintings, they had to think carefully about the symmetry involved and ensure that their butterflies were a mirror image on both sides.

Understanding the World - This week we have been talking about the lifecycle of a caterpillar, the children have really enjoyed closely observing our caterpillars and have been noting any changes in them. They are looking quite big and we are hoping that they will have spun their cocoons by the time we return to school on Monday.

Spare clothesWe are running really on low and desperately need some boys trousers. If you have any boys or girls clothes at home that belong to school please could you return them as soon as possible.

Next week

The new foundation stage children will be visiting on Thursday afternoon. Your children will therefore be spending the afternoon out of the classroom with Mrs Bruce and Mr Willbery.

Friday - Mrs Bruce will be teaching the class in the morning.

Text: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Bad Tempered ladybird

Maths: Adding two numbers

Thank you for your continued support

Rebecca Honey