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FS Update 23.09.16

Foundation Stage Weekly Update ~ 23rd September 2016

Word of the week: Pattern

Personal, Social and Emotional development- This week we have been thinking about how we can show care to others and why it is important to look after our friends. The children are beginning to understand the need to show care and concern for others and are continuing to play with different children every day, forming new friendships.

Communication and Language
- We have continued to work on developing our listening skills this week. All the children have been on a sound walk around the school and came back and drew pictures of all the interesting things that they had heard. Developing our listening skills is a vital part of our phonics and will help us when we start to learn new sounds.

Physical development-
This week we have continued to work on developing both our fine and gross motor control. Outside the children have enjoyed taking part in races, showing control and co-ordination. Inside we have enjoyed mark making and using a variety of equipment for writing.

We have been recognising and writing our names this week, it would be great if you could support your child to do this at home. We teach the children to write their name using a capital letter for the first letter in their name and then lower case letters for all the other letters.. During their independent learning the children have enjoyed doing lots of mark making and we are now focusing on ascribing meaning to our marks.

Maths- This week we have been exploring repeating patterns. We have looked closely at what a pattern is and then used different resources to create our own repeating patterns. All the children have proven that they understand what a repeating pattern is and demonstrated this by fruit printing their own pattern.

Understanding the World- Thank you for bringing in your family photos, we have used these to talk about our families and the important people in our lives. These photos will now go on display in the classroom for the children to look at. The children have also spent a lot of time becoming familiar with our school environment this week and are beginning to understand the importance of showing care in looking after the things in our classroom and outside area.

Expressive art and design- We have completed our self-portraits this week and they look great. It is fantastic to see how different each painting is and they will certainly brighten up the shared area. We have enjoyed learning the songs for Harvest in singing assembly this week. During their independent learning the children have been making some brilliant models, performing dances to each other and singing songs. It was fantastic to see so many of them inspired by our singing assembly and recreating it in the garden during their free play.

Reading books-Please feel free to borrow a book from our class book corner. We just ask that you only borrow one book at a time and do not take books from the classroom shelves or any books that we are using for our topics.

Water bottles-Can I remind you that your child should only have water in their water bottle. Our school policy states that no squash or fizzy water etc is allowed in water bottles.

Weekend challenge-Every Friday I will be setting a weekend challenge for your child to complete at home. It will be linked to our learning at school that week and shouldn’t take to long. Please see the challenge for this week  at the bottom of this letter. Some challenges will be practical and others will require the children to bring in something to show that they have completed their challenge. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.

Harvest-Next Friday we will be going to the Harvest assembly in the hall at 1.30pm.

Independence-We are trying to teach the children to be independent and look after their own belongings. It would be fantastic if you could support us with this. Please remind your child to self-register in the morning and put their own book bag, lunch box and  coat away and then change their shoes. This is part of our whole school learning policy. Below are the expectations for the Foundation Stage children.

Being Independent at Garsington CE Primary School

  • Expectations for FS Pupils
  • Put lunchbox, book bag and coat in the correct place in the mornings and collect ready to go home in the afternoons.
  • Put homework folder and reading books in the baskets to be marked, books to be changed.
  • Change for PE/wet weather clothes but may need help to tie laces and do up buttons.
  • Help yourself to snacks and tidy up after.
  • Tidy up after using things in the classroom and outside.
  • Self-register. 

News books-Just to remind you that if you written in your child’s news book then you need to hand it to one of the adults in the classroom in the morning. We will check the book bags of children who come in on the bus or from breakfast club.

Mrs England has been off poorly this week and will be off next week as well. We are very lucky to have Miss Smith working in the class in Mrs England’s absence.

Dates for your diary

Friday 30th September- Harvest assembly at 1.30pm

Friday 30th September- Macmillan coffee morning

Friday 14th September- Individual and family photos


Thank you for your continued support.

Rebecca Honey

Weekend Challenge

Create your own repeating pattern.

Note for parents/carers: 

We have been learning to create our own repeating patterns this week. Please support your child in creating their own repeating pattern. It would be great if you could bring in their pattern or take a photo of it.