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FS Update 22.9.17

Reception class weekly newsletter ~ 22nd September

Value of the term: Responsibility

We have had another great week and have continued to get to know one another and become familiar with the school routine. On Thursday we welcomed Immy to our class and the children did a great job of making her feel welcome.. We hope she will be very happy with us.

Personal, Social and Emotional development- This week we have continued to think about how we can be helpful around the classroom and why it is important to look after our environment. The children have been talking about why we need to follow the rules in class and have really impressed me with their ability to demonstrate that they have understood the rules. It has been wonderful to see new friendships flourish and children taking care of one another.

Physical development- We have continued to develop our fine and gross motor skills this week. The children have been busy sweeping; this is great because it helps to develop their muscles for writing. We have also been warming our hands up writing and talking about why this is important. In the garden the children have been climbing over, under and through objects, demonstrating great balance and co-ordination.

Communication and Language-We have enjoyed sharing our weekend news on Monday with a friend and then with the whole class. We continue to work on both our speaking and listening skills. Please support your child with their listening skills and to understand the importance of listening to others. In small groups we have been working hard to have a sustained conversation with a friend, making sure we are listening to each other and talking clearly when it is our turn.

Literacy- This week we have started to learn our sounds in our daily phonics lessons. Each day your child will bring home (in their book bag) the sound that we have been learning that day. Please keep these sounds at home to practise regularly with your child. We have been practising writing each of our new sounds, remembering the rhyme that goes with them. In our writing we have been making sure we have a good pencil grip and are ready to write.

Maths- In our maths sessions we have been counting up to 100, which is amazing! We have also been identifying and ordering numbers correctly. In our small group work we have been using numicon to correctly identify and compare different quantities. I have been really impressed with how well the children have been taking on-board what we have been learning in our maths lessons and then using it in their independent maths work.

Expressive art and design- We have enjoyed making our own walls for Humpty Dumpty to sit on. The children have been using different sized bricks and then testing them to see if they are strong enough to hold Humpty Dumpty. We have also seen some great models made out of different construction materials. There has been lots of collaborative work going on and lots of fantastic words used to describe models.

Understanding the world-This week we have been talking about the people who are important to us and our families in particular. Thank you for all your family photos, the children have enjoyed sharing these with their friends.

Things to do at home:

· Practise writing the sounds that we have been learning this week (m,a,s,d,t) there are copies of these letters in your child’s book bag. Please keep these at home for them to practise.

· Practise holding your pencil correctly and using it to write your name.

· Continue to practise rhyming.

· Count to 20 and then back.

· Go for a walk and use your senses to explore the world around you.

Next week-

We will be learning the following sounds: i,n,p,g,o

Class reps- We need two parents to be our class reps. The role includes the following:
Promoting communication between class teacher and parents.
Supporting PTA fundraising and social events.
Attending termly have your say meetings when possible and contribute ideas and provide feedback from other parents who are unable to attend.
Helping out on trips if available.
Communicating and promoting class and school events to parents (see events sheets for each term).
Helping to organise class events. These maybe linked to fundraising for class.
To get to know other parents in the class and help new parents to feel welcome.

Please let me know if you would be interested in this role.

Reminders and dates

Parent workshop-There is a growth mindset parent workshop on Wednesday at 6pm.

WOW leaves-These were sent home in book bags on Tuesday (large orange leaf with the value of the term on) and it would be great if every child could have a WOW leaf by the end of this term.

Focus children-The focus children next week are:. Jamel, Grace and Samuel The focus children for the week beginning Monday 2nd October are: Luciano, Freya, Javaughn and Violet Letters were sent home on Thursday in book bags for these four children.

Water bottles-Can I just remind you that all children need water in their water bottles and not squash. We have noticed that quite a few children have squash in their bottles and our school policy clearly states that it is only water that is allowed.

Clothes-Please make sure that all of your child’s belongings are clearly named, there are a few items of clothing that are not yet named and this makes it difficult to return them to their rightful owner. We are trying to teach the children to be responsible for their belongings and look after them and it makes it easier if they are named.

Outdoor area-Just to remind you that the outdoor area is not to be used before or after school.

News books-Can I just remind you that if you have written something in your child’s news book then it needs to be handed to a member of staff in the morning. We will them respond and put it back in your child’s book bag for the end of the day. Please check your child’s book bag at the end of each day.

Head lice-Please be aware that we have a case of headlice in class. Please check your child’s hair and treat if necessary.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.

Rebecca Honey