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FS Update 22.04.16

Foundation Stage Weekly Update 22nd April 2016

Words of the week: nocturnal, swooped, illustrator

Value of the term: Teamwork

Communication and Language
We have really enjoyed the story of ‘Owl babies’ this week and have been engaging in lots of discussions about how the baby owls felt when their Mummy went away. We have spent lots of time this working with a partner to discuss parts of the story. In our session yesterday we looked carefully at one of the illustrations and described what we could see, the children were amazed by how many different things they could describe from one illustration. We have also been talking about the structure of a story, identifying the characters, the setting and the dilemma in the story and then how it is resolved by the end of the story.

Personal, Social and Emotional development

This week we have had some fantastic discussions about the owls in and how they are feeling at different points in the story. I have been really impressed with the empathy the children have shown towards the little owls in the story. Talking about how scared and worried the owls would have felt. We have imagined how we would feel if we were one of the owls in the story.

Physical development
In our PE session we have been working on dance and linking movements in order to create a routine. We have used a combination of fast and slow movements in response to music. In our literacy sessions we have continued to work on our developing pencil control and letter formation.

This week we have been talking about the features of letter writing and why we would write a letter. We have then written letters from different characters in the story, imagining that we are that character. Whilst writing we have been thinking about what the owls might want to say in their letter and using our phonic knowledge to help us with sounding out words. When writing we are trying really hard to remember to form our letters correctly, use a capital letter, finger spaces between our words and a full stop at the end of our sentence. It would be great if you could support your child in doing these things when they are writing at home.

Our maths focus this week has been doubling, we have been talking about how to double numbers initially to 10. In order to do this we have been using a variety of objects to help us, rolling a dice and identifying the number, then doubling it.

Understanding the World
We have been talking about where owls live this week and the fact that they are nocturnal. We have enjoyed our story so much that we are going to continue with it next week and we hope to find out more facts about owls. If you have any books or owl toys that your child could bring in the that would be great. In our collective worship with Ms d’Archambaud we learnt about the story of St George’s Day and why we celebrate it.

Expressive art and design
This week we have been inspired by the illustrations in the story and have been using different media to create our own illustrations of the owls in the story. In our music session with Mrs Bruce we have enjoyed singing both new and familiar songs accompanied by the piano.

WOW leaves
New wow leaves are in your child’s homework folder and completed ones will be shared on the last day of this term. Our value for this term is ‘teamwork’ and you might want to think about this when writing a WOW leaf for your child.

Sharing assembly
Next Friday is our sharing assembly and cake sale. The assembly will start at 2.35pm and we would really appreciate your kind donations of cakes for our cake sale. The more cakes we can sell the more money we will raise for our class.

Guess the baby
Thank you for bringing in your child’s baby photo. From next week we will be playing ‘guess the baby’ please pick up a sheet and help your child to guess which photo is which child. Every photo is numbered and there are photos of all the children and the FS staff! Completed forms should be named and handed in, the winner will be announced the following Monday.

Next week
Text: Owl babies
Phonics: ir
Maths: halving

Key dates
Friday 29th April- Foundation Stage class assembly and cake sale
Friday 6th May- Class photo
Thursday 26th May- Great Garsington Bake Off
Friday 27th May- May day celebrations

Thank you for your continued support.
Rebecca Honey