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FS Update 22.01.16

Foundation Stage Weekly update 22nd January 2016

Words of the week: carnivore and planet.

Value of the term: Aspiration

We have had a fantastic week this week. I have been incredibly impressed with the children’s independence and their attitude to learning, they are really trying hard to reach their goals, demonstrating great determination and not giving up. They really are a class of super stars and we are enjoying celebrating their achievements.

Communication and Language
This week we have enjoyed learning about the Arctic and on Monday we had a great discussion about the new words we had discovered. We have also been trying something a little bit harder during our Monday news sessions, we work with a partner and share our news, we then have to listen carefully to our partners’ news and tell the rest of the class about it.

Personal, social and emotional development
We have really been going for goals this week. The children were inspired by a story that Ms d’Archambaud told them during our class assembly on Monday, about not giving up. Throughout the week they have really taken this message on board and are spending time choosing to work on something that they want to get better at. For some children that is writing their name clearly and I have been really impressed by their determination and can do attitude.

Physical development
With our buddies on Tuesday we practised some ball skills. As there are so many children who have set themselves the goal to learn to play football or score a goal, we thought that we had better get some practise in. With their buddies the children learnt how to dribble and pass the ball. Watch this space as we hope to develop our football skills further.

This week we have been thinking about what we would take with us on an adventure to the Arctic. The children have really impressed me with their writing, using their phonic knowledge to sound out words and remembering their red words. During our handwriting session on Thursday we practised some of the letters that we are finding tricky to form correctly. Please continue to support your child with writing all the letters correctly and not just the ones that are the focus of our homework that week.

Our focus this week has been one more and one less. We have been using number lines, dice and objects to identify the number that is one more or one less than a given number. During our carpet sessions we have also practised counting back from 20.

Useful website: The following website has some good maths games for Foundation stage children. 
Understanding the world
We have had a busy week this week finding out about the Arctic and using non-fiction books to further our understanding. We now know what animals we would find in the Arctic and what they like to eat. Towards the end of the week we have started to think about the weather and next week we will be recording the weather each day in our very own weather books.

Expressive art and design
This week we have been creating our own map of the world, which we will put various themed art work and writing on, this will all link to our world topic. If you have any friends or relatives in other countries please could you send in a photo of them and tell us where they live and then we can put them on our map. It would be fantastic to have lots of children’s friends and relatives on our map.

A plea!
We are running desperately low on spare clothes, if you have any old or unwanted children’s trousers, tights, socks or underwear we would really appreciate them.

Next week
Phonics: ch, qu
Red words: of, my
We will be learning about weather next week. It would be useful if you could show your child a weather report over the weekend. We will be talking about the symbols that we can use to dhow different types of weather.

Thank you for your continued support. 
Rebecca Honey

Talk Homework

Over the weekend please have this family discussion - all classes will be discussing this on Monday morning. 

Talk about the weather- 

Can you think of at least 5 
good descriptions for the weekend weather?