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FS Update 20.11.15

Foundations Stage update 20th November 2015

Words of the week: furious, pattern 

Values: Respect and Remembrance 
Communication and Language
This week we have continued to explore the story of the Little Red Hen, making our own story map to help us re-tell the story. We have also enjoyed having discussions about new words that we have discovered and what they mean. Today we made our bread and looked at what a recipe is and how we use them. We have also developed our speaking and listening skills lots this week through our discussions about friendship.

Personal, Social and Emotional development
We have been thinking about friendship this week, this has linked to our whole school anti bullying week. The children have been thinking about and discussing friendship and in particular what makes a good friend.

Physical development
We have been building on our fine motor control this week, creating our own dough disco moves to help us with our writing and pencil control. Our maths activities have also developed our fine motor control, using beads and pegs to make patterns. Today we were lucky enough to have a free karate taster session and it was lovely to hear how well the children listened and participated.

We have been exploring patterns this week, repeating 2 colour patterns and then harder 3 colour or shape patterns. In our number sessions we have been working on counting to a higher number and then finding that number on our number line. Please continue to support your child with counting objects at home.

I have been really impressed with the children’s writing this week, in our phonics sessions we have been practising our letter formation and we are beginning to think about implementing our everyday expectations for writing. We have also been learning to read some simple words that contain the sounds that we have been learning. Our writing focus for the next few weeks is to be able to write our name so that other people can read it. Please could you support your child in writing their name at home (remember that we only use a capital letter for the first letter of our name and all other letters should be lower case)

Expressive art and design
We have been creating our own repeating patterns using fruit printing this week. Lots of our singing and music sessions will now focus on learning the songs for our Christmas play. Outside the children have been busy creating their own masterpieces using paint and are now proudly hanging these on the art wall in the garden.

Understanding the World
This week our understanding of the World links into our personal, social and emotional development and our focus on friendship. We have been thinking about how we can show respect to our friends and ourselves. This week we have also been discussing learning, what makes a good learner and the things that make it difficult for us to learn. I was really impressed with all the great ideas that the children shared. These will form part of our growth mindset display. Do ask your child to share their ideas about things that help and stop them from learning.

Next week
Phonics: c, k, u
Storytelling: Jack and the beanstalk
Maths: Measure
Just a polite reminder about water bottles. Please could you make sure that your child has water in their water bottle (the one that is kept in the classroom) and not squash or flavoured water.

Next Friday is our class sharing assembly at 2.35pm and cake sale afterwards. We need your kind donations of cakes and your help to sell them after school.

Talk homework

Over the weekend please discuss this as a family. We will spend time discussing it as a class on Monday. 

This week’s talk homework is linked to our theme of friendship.

Think about your friends, what makes a good friend?

Think about some of the times that you have shared with your friends. 

What do you think is an important quality in a friend?