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FS Update 20.10.2016

Foundation Stage Weekly Update ~ 20th October 2016
Personal, Social and Emotional development- This week I have seen a real change in the children’s attitude to learning and they are all becoming much more responsible. It is great to see them taking responsibility for their own belongings and looking after the environment. Today we enjoyed meeting our year 3 buddies and getting to know them. We will be meeting up with our buddies once a week and working together to complete different activities.

Communication and Language-We have enjoyed talking to our talk partners this week and are really demonstrating the importance of listening to each other as well as talking. The children also demonstrated this when they met their year three buddy today and introduced themselves.

Physical development- In our P.E session we built upon our ball skills and enjoyed working in groups to throw, dribble and catch a ball. At the beginning and end of our PE sessions we have continued to talk about the effects that exercise has on our bodies and why it is important.

Literacy- This week we enjoying learning our first two sounds ‘m’ and ‘a’. We have identified objects that begin with those sounds and have practised writing and forming these letter sounds correctly. Thank you to everyone who brought in something for our sound table, we used these in our phonics lessons and the children have been using them independently to identify the initial sounds in words.

Maths- We have enjoyed playing some maths games this week and building on our knowledge of numbers. We are learning to recognise and order numbers and then match the number to the correct quantity of objects.

Expressive art and design-
The children have all enjoyed being outside this week and using the environment to create their own imaginative games and role play. It is also fantastic to see the children using our learning as a basis for their games and art work. As the weeks progress the mark making, pictures and models become more detailed and the children take more pride in their work, really valuing the final product.

Understanding the World- This week we have enjoyed looking at the changes in the environment. As winter approaches and the leaves fall we have talked about why this happens and the changes in seasons. The children have continued to enjoy sharing their own experiences and things that are important to them. They are beginning to understand that other people have different experiences and different traditions to them.

Homework- Please check your child’s book bag for their phonics homework. This needs to be completed and returned by Thursday 3rd November. This is the homework that we spoke about at parents evening. In addition there is a piece of Extreme reading homework. We are trying to improve the appearance of our reading areas and would like some photos of the children, you or your pets (!) enjoying a book in an unusual place. This is instead of the weekend challenge. Please send in your photos as soon as you can. The more unusual the better!

Clothes- Please check over the holiday that all of your child’s belongings are clearly labelled

Next term:
Phonics: ‘s’ and ‘d’
Bonfire Night
Thursday 3rd November- Mrs Bruce will be teaching the class all day.
New WOW leaves will be sent home during the first week of next term.
Tuesday 8th November- Phonics workshop for parents at 2.30pm.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely break and we will see you on Monday 30th October 2016.
Rebecca Honey