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FS Update 20.01.2017

Foundation Stage Weekly Update ~ 20th January 2017

Personal, Social and Emotional development- We have continued to focus on being determined this week and it has been great to see lots of the children demonstrating their determination with writing and choosing to spend lots of time writing. We have also been thinking about problem solving and in particular not giving up when things are difficult or if we don’t succeed at first.

Physical development-This week in our gym session we experimented with different ways of moving and negotiating  space successfully. We then thought about how we could travel with confidence and skill around, under, over and through balancing and climbing equipment.

Communication and Language- We have had lots of great discussions this week about things that we are determined to achieve. It is great to see how far the children have come and how much they are taking the opinions of others onboard.

Literacy-In our phonics groups this week we have started to learn the 2 ‘speed sounds’ that are made up of two or  their Set 2 sounds they will learn:  the letters that represent a speed sound e.g. ay ,  a simple picture prompt linked to the ‘speed sound’ and a short phrase to say e.g. may I play. The children have also engaged in lots of independent writing and are keen to put their pieces f writing on our independent writing board.

Maths-We have continued to focus on weight this week and have had some really interesting discussions about heavy and light. We have looked at different sized objects and made predictions about which would be the heaviest and which would be the lightest. Despite lots of them thinking that a balloon would be heavier than a pear because it is much bigger, we discovered that this was not the case and had to work out why.

Expressive art and design- This week we have looked at the work of Kandinsky and in particular his concentric circles. The children then created their own Kandinsky inspired art work using different colour paint. We have also experimented with mixing primary colours to create different colours. We have also enjoyed creating our own rainbow pictures and weather wheels.

Understanding the World-We have been talking about the weather this week and in particular the different types of weather.  Inside, we have spent time observing changes in water and commenting on how long it takes for ice to melt into water.

Red Kite certificates- Don’t forget that you can fill in a Red Kite at home certificate for your child and these will then be shared in assembly. From next week I will put some of these outside the classroom for you to take if you would like to. These are linked to the seven values that we have and once returned these will be shared in the whole school celebration assembly on a Friday.

Phonics homework-Now that we have moved onto the set 2 speed sounds the homework involves reading rather than writing. Please keep this homework at home once finished and only return your child’s empty homework folder by Thursday of each week.  Please continue to support your child with forming their letters at home regularly.

Spare clothes- We are running very low on spare clothes (underwear, trousers, tights, skirts etc). Please could you check at home and return any school clothes that you may have.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to our class assembly today. We really hope you enjoyed it.

Just a reminder- Please could you continue to help your child to write their name. This is something that we are working on in class and it would be great if you could also support your child with this at home.

Outside area- We are working hard to improve our outdoor area and have ordered lots of exciting new things to go outside. We will be doing lots of planting and need some more big plant pots. If anyone has any plant pots of soil that you no longer need then we would really appreciate it.

Just a reminder- Please do not let children play in the FS outdoor area before or after school.

Next week:

Focus: Weather and non-fiction texts

Maths- Counting and ordering numbers