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FS Update 19.05.17

Foundation Stage Weekly Update ~ 19th May 2017 
Personal, Social and Emotional development- This week we have been trying hard to be independent at lunchtime and during the school day. As a school we are trying to encourage the children to be independent in sorting out problems and to only come to an adult if they are unable to sort it out themselves.

Communication and Language-
We have had lots of great conversations this week as a whole class and in small groups. The children have been trying really hard to not just give a simple answer to a question but to extend it with a reason why they think or believe something. We are also getting better at listening to other people and asking them questions in order to further our own knowledge and understanding.

Physical development- In our PE session this week we took part in races, this is in preparation for our sports day next term. We have been running, skipping, doing egg and spoon races, balancing quoits on our heads and taking part in the sack race. I have been really impressed with their skills and their ability to work as part of a team and encourage their team mates.

Literacy- In our literacy sessions this week we have been exploring the story of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We have been learning to tell the story using actions and adding expression. In our writing sessions we have focused on our letter formation and ensuring that we are remembering our ‘special friends’ sounds in writing.

Maths- This week we have been counting anything and everything. It is great to see the children becoming more confident to independently follow up on our maths sessions and continue their learning.

Expressive art and design- We have been busy acting out the bear hunt story this week and it has been fantastic to see the expression the children are using when re-telling the story. In our art sessions we have been creating our own bear hunt scenes and characters. We have put these along the radiator in the classroom and the children are using them to independently tell the story, remembering all the key phrases.

Understanding the World- This week we have started to explore floating and sinking. We began by talking about what the words mean and the children had some great definitions. They said: “floating is…when something stays on the surface of the water, when something doesn’t sink”. When we talked about sinking they said “sinking is…when something doesn’t stay on top, when it is heavy, something sinks when it is too heavy for the water to hold it.”

Next week

Focus: The Tiger who came to tea
Maths: 3D Shape
Friday-May Day. Children need to come to school dressed in their traditional Victorian clothing. We still need parent helpers to help us walk round the village.
Wednesday- Mr Willbery and I will be out all day, Miss Wells will be teaching the class.
Thursday- Mr Guy will be taking PPA on Thursday instead on Tuesday next week.

Homework- Please can I remind you that homework must be returned on a Thursday.

Outside area- Please do not let children and younger siblings play in the outside area at any time of the day, this includes before and after school and whilst you are waiting to collect your children.

Thank you to Julia’s Mum for coming in to help with the gardening again. The children all had a fantastic time and really enjoyed it.

Thank you for your continued support.

Rebecca Honey