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FS Update 18.09.15

Physical development
Today we had our first P.E lesson in the hall. We had to practice our listening skills first and then think about how to keep ourselves safe in P.E lessons. Our focus for this term is movement and developing our balance and co-ordination skills. Please could you continue to support your child in being independent when getting dressed and undressed. This would be really helpful when it comes to our P.E lessons.

Communication, Language and Literacy
We have been learning about lots of nursery rhymes this week, singing and acting them out. The children have also continued to build upon their listening skills, this is an important part of our phonics development. We have been playing lots of listening games such as guess the animal, guess the instrument, bubble sounds, all involve the children hearing a sound and then having to describe it. We have had fantastic conversations about what we think sounds might be and are beginning to use some great vocabulary when describing different sounds.

Personal, Social and Emotional development

We have continued to understand the importance of our class rules and are now applying them to our daily routine. I have been really impressed with how well the children have settled and how sensitive they are being to the needs of others. This week we have also been thinking about the new friends we have made and why it is important to be friends with everyone in our class and include them in our games.

This week we have been exploring numbers. Our maths sessions have involved counting, recognising, ordering and comparing numbers. We then moved on to matching a number with the corresponding quantity of objects. Our maths sessions tend to be very practical and involve lots of objects and visual prompts.

Expressive art and design
We have enjoyed singing lots of nursery rhymes and familiar songs this week. During music with Mrs Bruce the children have been exploring rhythms and learning how to tap out a simple rhythm. We have also enjoyed using the whiteboards and pens to create our own pictures. Outside, the children have been painting pictures inspired by

Understanding the World
This week we have been thinking about the job of a police officer, how they help us and what their role is. We started the week by thinking about all the things that we already know about the police and decided that there were lots of things that we wanted to find out. Because the children have been so engaged in our police topic we will continue to focus on it next week.

Parent workshop
I will be running a parent workshop on Wednesday 14th October at 2.30pm. We will be looking at how we teach phonics, how you can support your child with reading and the importance of talk.

Parent information board
We now have a free standing whiteboard which will be outside the classroom each morning and afternoon (by the main door) and will be used to communicate information to you on a daily basis. Please continue to look at the window by the cloakroom for letters and posters.

Smell table
Next week we will learning all about our sense of smell. Please bring in something scented for our smell table.

Water bottles
Can I just remind you that your child should have water and not juice in their water bottle. Juice is only allowed in lunch boxes. .

Open morning
Next Friday there is a whole school open morning from 8.30-8.55am and the focus is reading. It would fantastic if you could come and enjoy sharing a story with your child during that time.

Next week
Text: Each Peach Pear Plum
Phonics focus: Rhyme
Maths: Number
Outside: Police

Thank you for your continued support. Please do not hesitate to see me if you have any questions, alternatively, you can use your child’s news book to communicate if you are unable to come into school.

Rebecca Honey