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FS Update 17.11.17

Reception Class Weekly Update ~ 17th November 2017

Value of the term: Enthusiasm

Personal, Social and Emotional development-This week we have been talking about kindness and how we can make sure everyone is happy. It has been anti bullying week in school this week and as a whole school we have been talking about things we are worried about and what we should do if we are feeling worried. Our book this week has been ‘The huge bag of worries’ and this is all about a little girl who is worried about things and doesn’t talk to anyone. In our circle time we have been talking about what we are worried about and who we would talk to if we were worried about something.

Communication and Language-
We have been talking about kindness this week and what kinds words are. The children have been working in groups to think of kind words to say about people and words that would cheer people up if they are feeling sad or hurt. I have been really impressed with the children’s ability to listen to each other and also to share their ideas with one another.

Physical development-
In our PE session this week we have played the jelly bean game to warm ourselves up and have talked about why it is important that we warm our bodies up before PE. In our main PE lesson the children have been working in pairs to slide a beanbag or roll a ball through their partners feet. We then explored passing the beanbags and balls through our arms. We continue to develop our fine and gross motor control on a daily basis with a variety of planned activities. Please could you continue to support your child with developing their pencil grip.

Literacy- We have been working hard in our phonics lessons and I have been really impressed with the increasing number of children who are able to form many letters correctly. We have also been using Fred talk to help us read and write simple words. Please support your child with their writing at home by:

· Practising writing each sound

· Practising writing their name

· Using Fred talk to read and write simple words like, Cat, dog, hat, man, tin.

Maths-In our maths lessons we have been exploring pattern and have been making our own patterns using the peg boards. The children have also been continuing pattern puzzles, talking about what comes next in a pattern and then creating our own patterns using objects in the classroom.

Expressive art and design-
This week we have been painting our rocks as part of the whole school rock challenge. The children have been thinking about what colours to paint their rock and then designing happy pictures and kind words to write on their rocks.

Understanding the World-This week we have talked about why everyone should feel happy and safe both in school and at home. The children have talked about things that worry them and together we have thought of things that we can do to make us feel better about worries that we have.

Spare clothes-Our supply of spare clothes is running very low, please could you return any borrowed clothes that you might have at home. We would also appreciate any kind donations of underwear, trousers, socks and tights.

Toys-We have had a few issues with children bringing in toys from home. Can I just remind you that if your child must bring a toy to school then we are not responsible for it. All toys should stay in book bags or preferably at home. Thank you.

Thank you for your continued support

Rebecca Honey