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FS Update 17.06.16

Foundation Stage Weekly Update - 17th June 2016 

Words of the week: Enthusiasm, wish 
Personal, Social and Emotional development-This week we have been talking about Father’s day and why our Father’s, Grandfather’s and other relatives are important to us. The children had some fantastic ideas about how we can show those we love that we appreciate them. As we progress through the year it is fantastic to see how far the children have come in terms of expressing their ideas and understanding the importance of listening to the ideas of others. Our class challenge this week has been to think of a new thing that we have learnt each day and talk about it. I am really impressed with how well the children are taking these challenges on board and aspiring to achieve them

Communication and Language-
We have had some fantastic discussions this week about our wishes, we have been thinking about the story ‘The Fish who could wish’ and have each imagined that we have just one wish. The children have come up with some brilliant wishes and have been able to explain why they would wish for something as well as asking questions about the wishes of their friends.

Physical development-In our P.E session this week we have been practising our running, skipping and hopping. This is in preparation for our very first sports day. We also continue to work on our ever developing fine motor control, ensuring our letters are formed correctly.

Literacy-This week we have bene busy with our writing. The children have taken inspiration from Rainbow fish and have written their own wishes, these will be on display in the classroom for you to see from next week. They have also carefully written in their Father’s Day cards.

Maths-In our maths sessions we have continued to work on our number bonds to 10, exploring the different ways of making ten using pairs of numbers. Please continue to support your child in practising both their counting and number bonds at home.

Understanding the World-This week we have continued to discuss what our sunflower seeds need to grow, completing our sunflower diaries. We also planted some cress and lettuce last week, which we have enjoyed closely monitoring and ensuring it is in the sun when necessary. Today we used our cress to make our own egg sandwiches which we enjoyed eating at snack time.

Expressive art and design- The children have enjoyed creating their Father’s day cards this week and are keen to take them home with their sunflower plants. They have also enjoyed using their imagination to create different models when playing outside and have been thinking about the purpose of their models and how they can improve them.

Homework- As we approach the final weeks of your child’s time in Foundation stage we will be sending home homework that is in a similar format to the rest of the school. Please check your child’s homework folder each Friday and return homework to us by the following Thursday. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Next week

Focus: The very hungry caterpillar

Our Caterpillars have arrived and we will be closely observing them and noting any changes. If you have any books or resources to support our learning please bring them in.

Art week

Phonics: Letter names


Monday 20th June- Art week

Saturday 25th June- Garsington school Fair 2-5pm

Monday 11th July- Health and Safety week

Tuesday 12th July- Sports day (morning)

Wednesday 20th July- End of term. School finishes at 1.15pm

Thank you for your continued support.

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