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FS Update 17.03.17

Foundation Stage Weekly Update ~ 17th March 2017

Personal, Social and Emotional development
This week we have been talking about how other people have shown kindness to us and why this is important. The children have all tried hard to be kind and demonstrate our value this week. We are trying really hard to make sure we all have a kindness moment for our kindness tree.

Communication and Language
We have worked with talk partners lots this week and shared our ideas. It is great to see the children really valuing the ideas and opinions of others and showing respect to others.

Physical development
We have explored different ways of moving in PE this week, balancing on different parts of our bodies, travelling along and through different apparatus, jumping and climbing on the ropes.

This week we have put our phonics to good use and have been writing sentences about when we were babies compared to us now. It is great to see just how far the children have come with their writing. Please continue to support your child at home with their developing writing skills.

We have been estimating and weighing different objects this week. We have had lots of interesting discussions about the size of objects and comparing that to the weight. We practiced using the correct mathematical vocabulary to talk about what we were doing.

Expressive art and design
This week we have enjoyed looking at pictures of us as babies and drawing pictures of how we have changed. We have also enjoyed singing lots of songs this week, especially counting ones.

Understanding the World
We have continued to explore how we have changed since we were babies this week. We have talked about all the great things that we can do now we are 4 and 5 that we couldn’t do as a babies. In addition to this we have also spent time observing the frogspawn and reading non-fiction books to find out more information.

This week we welcomed a new teaching assistant, Mrs Harris. She will be working full time in our class.
Next week we will be welcoming Porscha to our class.

Please make sure you have received the letter about our class trip to the story museum. Children will need a packed lunch. Can I remind you that we have two children with allergies in our class and packed lunches should not contain any of the following:

· Nuts- including sesame, Nutella, peanut butter, Houmous and loose nuts
· Eggs- including boiled eggs, egg sandwiches, mayonnaise, salad cream and coleslaw.

Homework- Please make sure your child returns their homework by Thursday morning each week.

Reports were sent home in your child’s book bag yesterday.

Reading-When your child is ready for a new reading book please return both the reading book and the reading record to an adult in the class. We will then change their book and return it to you via their book bag that day.

Thank you to Kurt’s Dad for kindly donating the frogspawn and Indy’s Dad and Julia’s Mum for coming in and helping with the gardening.

Toys- Can I just remind you that children should not be bringing in toys from home. We have had a lot of problems over the last few weeks with toys being lost and causing arguments between children.

Next week
We will be learning to tell the story of The Hare and the tortoise
Maths- Adding two numbers

Dates for your diary
Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd March- Parent Teacher meetings.
Wednesday 29th March- Class trip to the Story museum

Thank you for your continued support.

Rebecca Honey