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FS Update 16.09.16

We have had a fantastic first full week at school. The children have all coped amazingly well with the longer days although; I am sure they are all ready for a well-deserved weekend. On Wednesday the children went to their very first singing assembly and today we went to the whole school celebration assembly. It is great for the children to be part of the wider school community and they have really impressed me with their behaviour during assembly.

Personal, Social and Emotional development- This week we have enjoyed getting to know one another and establishing new friendships. We have also talked about our class rules for the year and why it is important to have rules at school. I have been really impressed by how well the children have remembered the routine of the school day and the newly established rules. 

Communication and Language-We started our week by sharing our weekend news with our new friends. The children worked with talk partners to share their news and listen to their partners news. We have talked a lot this week about the importance of listening to others and valuing their ideas and opinions. It is great to hear the children having conversations with their new friends whilst playing. 

Physical development-This week we have been working on our gross motor skills, throwing and catching a ball and climbing over, under and through the ‘A’ frames outside. We have also worked on our fine motor control, using scissors and developing the correct pencil grip. 

Literacy-The children all worked really hard on their first piece of writing for our writing wall. They all talked about their weekend news and then had to write about it. Throughout the year we will be adding writing to our writing wall and this is a great way to see the progress that your child is making with their writing.

Maths-We have been counting lots this week. Singing lots of number rhymes and songs and developing our knowledge of numbers. Our main maths focus this term will be number, recognising numbers, counting and ordering numbers and matching a number to a quantity of objects. 

Understanding the World-This week we have enjoyed exploring our school environment and getting to know where things are. We are also enjoying talking about things that are important to us and sharing these with others in order to gain an insight into each other’s lives. 

Expressive art and design- We have spent a lot of time admiring ourselves in the mirror this week and talking about what we look like. This was all to prepare for painting our own self-portraits. These are still a work in progress but will soon be on display in the shared area. During our quiet time in the afternoon the children have enjoyed relaxing and listening to calming music and talking about how that makes them feel. 


WOW leaves-In your child’s book bag is a WOW leaf for this term. Please see our class welcome letter for more information.

Self-registering- Please remind your child that they need to find their handprint and sign themselves in each morning. 

Milk-From next week we will be having milk each morning with our morning snack. If your child would like milk they need to sign up on the milk board each morning. 

Book bags-Sorry to keep moaning about book bags but it really does help us if your child has a book bag in school every day. We often have letters and information to send home and if your child has a book bag then we know that this will reach you safely. Please could you check your child’s bag each night for letters and notes in the home-school book. 

Water bottles-Just a reminder that water bottles should only have water in them and not squash. 

Family photos- Please send in a family photo for our families display.  It would be great if every child had a photo for our board. 

Thank you for your continued support

Rebecca Honey